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The VIP Cinema Experience at Venice Grand Canal Mall

March 19, 2017

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

Tale as old as time, and a movie as romantic as Beauty and the Beast deserves to be experienced in the country’s most romantic mall and cinema. 

It was actually my second time to see the Beauty and the Beast (the first time – 4DX experience!) and the second time in a luxe cinema at Venice Cineplex at Venice Grand Canal Mall.

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

Megaworld Corporation invited us to a special screening of Beauty and the Beast. It is one of the rare times I hated “Bring Plus One” invitation (especially when your usual plus ones are already invited!). I would have brought my mom if not for the events I needed to attend that day.

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

Third Wheeling with Phya and the BF

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall
#T , Ruth and #D

I invited over my friends #T and #D since THE RODMAGARU nicely gave me his plus one slot πŸ˜‰ #NoOneSharesLikeGaston πŸ˜€ 
So what makes the Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema so romantic that would compel you to bring a date?
Premium seats and exclusive feel. 
Reclining Leather Seats
Butler Service that will keep the drinks and popcorn flowing with a touch of a button
I call it the @rodelflordeliz‘s cinema because …
The VIP Cinema in UPTOWN Mall

Check out also our reaction video about that video (jump to 11:35)
I really like the VIP Cinema because it is so comfy! I love the spacious leg room and privacy. I can easily go out if I need to use the washroom. Rod and I were laughing and sharing jokes while watching the film and that didn’t seem to bother the others πŸ˜€

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

The VIP Cinema at Venice Cineplex is just 1 of the 5 world-class movie theaters in the Venice Grand Canal Mall. Each features plush and comfortable seats and equipped with big screen and sound system technology. Cinemas 2 and 5 will be operating in the Dolby Atmos System, an award winning sound program created to give movie lovers the most innovative experience via multidimensional surround sound. It creates dynamic audio with pinpoint clarity through 64 sound channels and strategically placed around audience. 
I oftentimes prefer watching movies at home because of the comfort of just lounging – and the Venice Cineplex VIP Cinema gave the same experience.

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

Truth be told, I cried the second time I have seen Beauty and the Beast. 
Some random thoughts:

  1. Beast is so adorable and I was kind of disappointed when he was transformed into a Prince? I was expecting to feel mesmerized… but he looked as if he was Belle’s twin brother πŸ˜€ 
  2. I love Mrs Pott’s version of the Beauty and the Beast theme song. It is more romantic.
  3. Am I the only one who felt kilig over Beast and Belle’s Something There scene?
  4. I love Chip’s voice πŸ˜€
  5. I love Emma’s singing voice πŸ˜€ I love to hate her! She seems so perfect!!! πŸ˜€ 
Anyway, if you want to experience VIP cinema treatment, book a ticket at Venice Cineplex at

vip cinema review venice grand canal mall

with Edward Santos, Rodel Flordeliz, MJ De Leon, Rod Magaru, Gus Villa, and Rhea Bue

As Rodel puts it “this is the best movie experience ever!”

Have you tried watching at the VIP Cinema? 
What are your thoughts about Beauty and the Beast? 

Venice Grand Canal Mall Cinema Contact:


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