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LUMOS DAWN Projector Review: Affordable Cinema-Like Experience at Home

April 10, 2023

Enjoying a quiet day at home and watching my favorite shows is one of my life’s luxuries.

Leveling up the experience with a cinema-like set-up is even made possible with the new LUMOS DAWN Projector.

We previously got acquainted with the LUMOS brand with its LUMOS Ray Projector. LUMOS is a brand from Singapore that is gaining popularity in Malaysia and the Philippines. Thanks to its innovative, plug-and-play projectors that are perfect for any room size.

I have a surprise at the end of the post, so keep on reading!

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

I recently received the newest addition to the LUMOS family – the LUMOS DAWN Projector which is an affordable projector packed with really cool features.

Unboxing the LUMOS DAWN Projector

The LUMOS DAWN Projector box comes with:

LUMOS DAWN Projector unit
Power Cable
HDMI Cable
RGB Cable
User Guide booklet
Remote Control

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

The Design and Specs

The LUMOS DAWN Projector is a very straightforward projector. It reminds me of a traditional projector but it is lighter and more portable. It weighs 0.75kg with dimensions of 20 x 7× 6 cm – perfect to set in a tabletop or mount on a tripod.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

The lens is located on the front left side, while the speaker is at the back next to the Power Button. There is an air vent on the side to keep it cool and prevent overheating for long hours of use. The ports are on the other side for easy access. The focus ring sits with the lens which is easy to navigate and turn.

Setting Up the LUMOS DAWN Projector

The LUMOS DAWN Projector is a very straightforward device. After turning it on, you just need to connect to your WIFI and finish the set-up (language and timezone) to start enjoying any media/videos.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

It is advisable to put the LUMOS DAWN Projector on a flat surface or table, but I preferred to mount it on my tripod (I used this sturdy tripod), to give a full view level of the screen.

My Experience Using the LUMOS DAWN Projector

It took me less than 10 minutes to set-up the LUMOS DAWN Projector and I am ready to enjoy my favorite shows and music videos on a wider screen.

The Keystone Corrector ring adjusts the sharpness of the screen, which is very much like adjusting the lens of a camera.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

The LUMOS DAWN Projector comes with Built-In Netflix and Youtube – two of the most popular apps used by Filipinos – allowing me to navigate freely to my chosen videos. It is a nice feature that saves us time and data.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

It is running with Android 9.0 Operating System with Google Play for options to download specific streaming apps. It is powered with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM so I can download and store my favorite media/videos.

I can navigate through the screen via the Remote Control, but I also have the option to connect my mouse or keyboard to easily navigate and type/search for specific content.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

One of the cool features of the LUMOS DAWN Projector is it allows screen mirroring via a smartphone or laptop. You simply connect via the QR code and you can start sharing videos or images from your mobile phone. It is a nice feature when sharing photos/videos with family; we especially enjoyed watching our Tiktok videos.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

Even with the bright room, I can already see clear video from the LUMOS DAWN Projector. The 2,500 Lumens that project 600p native clear resolution with 1080p support resolution video quality made this all possible.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

The projection appears clear even when viewing on the side.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

I watched the premiere of my BTS Bias – Suga’s new single via the LUMOS DAWN Projector. It gives me a cinema-like experience with its wide-screen view.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

The LUMOS DAWN Projector has Dolby Audio Speakers which produce loud audio that can fill a large room, but if you are particular with the sound quality, especially when listening to your favorite artists, you can connect your own preferred speaker or headphones. There is also an option to connect via Bluetooth or audio output for a more immersive experience.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

For the best experience, use the LUMOS DAWN Projector on a plain white wall and turn off the lights. It really does give a cinema-like feel. Make sure that you prepare your favorite snacks and drinks.

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

What I Love About LUMOS DAWN Projector

  • Simple design and very straightforward.
  • Easy to set up and with the option to connect accessories like keyboard, and speakers.
  • Good quality projection.
  • Value for money.

I love that the LUMOS DAWN Projector incorporates the suggestions I noted on the LUMOS Ray Projector – like the lens cover and easy navigation (keyboard connectivity)

The Verdict

The LUMOS DAWN Projector can definitely level up your home theater experience by creating a larger and more immersive screen at an affordable price. It even gives you the flexibility to choose your favorite apps and videos. An affordable projector that can give a cinema-like experience in any room.

The LUMOS DAWN Projector is available online starting at Php 6,999 for the Regular, and Php 9,999 for the SMART version, via

LUMOS DAWN Projector Review

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  1. Having a home cinema is one of my dreams. But i know that if i want to have a great home theater experience, I definitely must invest on a nice projector. I have really save for it. And i know Lumos Dawn Projector is a good Choice ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love this Lumos Dawn projector because of its cinematic-like experience at home. We can eatch Youtube, Netflix or even view our family photos and videos togetherr.

  3. I love this light and portable projector. It is multi-functional, can be set-up at home, in the office, school, during friends outing and during family reunions.

    I am excited to roll my favorite movies and tag along my lovely wife and daughter, turning our bare wall into a cinema view.

    I am really looking forward to this.

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