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Confidence is the New Sexy + The Modern Gentleman

May 12, 2017
Avon Men's Club
Avon’s Confidence is the New Sexy Campaign + Men’s Club The Modern Gentleman 
I was very conscious about my body (boobs) when I was growing up. I felt like I need to cover it (maybe that explains why I slouch unconsciously). I am afraid that because I am tall, people might just bump their heads straight to my pair 😀 I didn’t realize that some developed an insecurity because they are not well-endowed. 

Avon event
Guests could share their insecurities here
Avon event
Nice catch up Kira and Myke!
Avon event
Lights are blinding 😀 
with Cristelle, Lou, Celine and Kim
Avon Michael Macalos Cha Ocampo
So happy to see Michael and Cha 😉 
Today, size and shape no longer matter as we embrace who truly are. Avon Fashions celebrates women’s real beauty and sexiness through the “Confidence is the New Sexy” campaign. During the event which was held in One Canvass Place in Chino Roces, Makati, 4 women took turns delivering monologues to share how they feel about body stereotypes and how they have come to discover that confidence is what sexiness is all about. 

“A woman may be curvy, petite, and fuller, but these are only shapes and sizes. Our skin is a record of our milestones, our bones are barks that withstood storms, our muscles are symbols of our endurance, and our shape is our fingerprint. The true measure of our beauty is in how much we embrace who we truly are. The real confidence and that what’s make us truly sexy”

Avon Confidence is the new Sexy Campaign
Avon Fashions offers intimates designed specifically for Filipina women’s comfort and fit. The design is combined with fashion and function made with high quality fabrics and materials.
Buying a bra is a bit tricky and one needs to know her size. I recently got measured but I let the Avon team got my measurement again (I still got the same size). It is important to wear a bra that fits perfectly because it helps you feel more comfortable and sexy. 
Avon Confidence is the new Sexy Campaign
Avon highlighted the new Jamilla Bra and Panty set which is a perfect fit for curvy plus size, petite or atheletically built women. Other options include the Classic, Missy, Shapemakers and Everyday Comfort selections. 

Avon Confidence is the new Sexy Campaign

Avon also recognizes men’s own need for fit and comfortable underwear. Daniel Matsunaga was launched as the first male endorser for Men’s Club. He is a man of style, adventure, and confidence that perfectly reflects the Modern Gentleman. Daniel knows what makes him comfortable (even when talking only in underwear infront of a crowd) 😀 
daniel matsunaga avon brief underwear
daniel matsunaga avon brief underwear
daniel matsunaga avon brief underwear
Avon Men’s Club comes in fashionable designs and are made with cotton soft fabrics. The selection includes classics, bikini briefs, hi-cuts, boxers, and hipster that suit every man’s lifestyle. 
Daniel 2-in-1 Boxer Brief Pack Php 575 (not available online)
Orlando 5-in-1 Bikini Brief Pack Php 875
Brad 3-in-1 Hipster Brief Pack Php 599
Lester 5-in-1 Brief Pack Php 875
I love that Avon understands every woman’s needs and also takes care the gentlemen in our lives. 
Avon Confidence is the new Sexy Campaign
Maze-like exit where they played the “secrets” that guests had recorded at the start of the event. 
Good thing I kept my secret 😀 
Check out or call your Avon lady.

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