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Real Life Hide and Seek + My Secret Fantasy

May 29, 2017
I want to tell you a secret. Here’s a wicked fantasy – to live as a con artist and do something crazy. Police would then find out. I would escape – ride a motorcyle (with my lover) or a private boat. That sounds like a scene from a movie – a little too far from reality – because, in real life, I am this goody two-shoes blogger in the Philippines.  Or, maybe I am not. 

On May 31st though, a new reality TV show, Hunted, will fill your screens. Join the fugitives as they try to outrun a former commander of the U.S. Marshals, Lenny Depaul and his team of investigators composed of army veterans, FBI detectives and intelligence agents.
Follow the journey of nine teams of two that agree to live as fugitives as they attempt to disappear in today’s world full of advanced technology and highly skilled investigators. Watch the fugitives try to evade the traps that the investigation team set in order to capture them.
Although police nowadays have all the equipment necessary to track criminals down, there are still stories of fugitives successfully getting away and living life on the run. If you are crazy enough to play a game of hide and seek with the police, it will take more than just plotting your next move. You would have to disappear without a trace. Vanish from your friends, workmates, acquaintances and especially from the internet.
Thinking of how to escape
Follow the fugitives of Hunted and observe how they try to escape a nationwide manhunt. A grand prize of $250,000 will be awarded to each team that successfully evades being caught for 28 days. Tune in every Wednesday at 9pm starting May 31 on KIX for one of the most exciting shows to date, Hunted!

KIX is available on (Cablelink Ch. 54, Cignal TV Ch. 264, Destiny Cable Ch. 63, Gsat Ch. 18, and SKY Cable Ch. 63.).  For more information, you can log on to . 

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