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Ping Pong Diplomacy Restaurant

June 2, 2017
Ping Pong Diplomacy Restaurant Price
When I heard about Ping Pong Diplomacy restaurant in SM Aura, I thought it was a sports bar with complete set-up of table tennis and leader board for customers.
Ping Pong Diplomacy Review
That’s what one gets when you don’t read more about history. Ping Pong Diplomacy is named after the historical event when United States and China exchanged table tennis players as their first communication after the Cold War. This was their first act of diplomacy. It was their first attempt to thaw the ice, and the inspiration behind the theme and name of this new restaurant. 
The historical event inspired Techprenuer Charlie Paw to come up with a new restaurant theme under the Tasteless Group of Restaurants. Led by two amazing chefs, Chef Noel Mauricio and Chef Him Uy de Baron, a Chinese-American themed restaurant was born. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy Review
Ping Pong Diplomacy Review
Ping Pong Diplomacy Review
Ping Pong Diplomacy Restaurant offers not just your ordinary Chinese food – they are interesting surprises of flavorful and rich dishes – which comes in Small and Big Plates. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Cold Shrimp Salad Php 320 is an interesting cold salad with shrimp in Coconut Dressing with Crab Fat Ice Cream, and Szechuan Puffed Rice.
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
The Simple Fried Eggs Php 195 is made less simpler with scallions and pork floss with oriental sauce. Every one seemed to love this simple dish. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Another must-try is the Crunchy Eggplant Php 195 which is a battered Eggplant with fragrant sauce and prickly ash.
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Ping Pong Diplomacy gives a different approach to Chopsuey Php 325 which is composed of grilled veggies, sauce and fresh red radish. 
For big plates and main dishes, we love (everything!)
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Sweet & Sour Pork Php 445 is made of pork spare ribs, pineapple chunks and roasted apples. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
For those who prefer fish, try the Steamed Sea Bass Php 1,400 – gives a rich flavor from savory garlic sauce and ginger soy. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Sesame Beef and Broccoli Php 875. 
This is not just your ordinary beef and broccoli as they serve it with Black Angus Beef, marbled poatoes, grilled brocolli and sesame beef sauce. I love that they do it medium-well – and I kind of liked the burnt taste of it. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Soy Lacquered Chicken Php 495
A different take on the usual lemon chicken, I guess? This one is served with orange and cinnamon. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
My favorite is the Braised Beef Curry Casserole Php 550 which is made of slow braised beef, cheddar cheese, sweet potato gratin. It is so rich and flavorful, and the meat felts like it is melting in my mouth together with the cheese. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
As usual, everything tastes good with Yang Chow Fried Rice Php 280.  
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
The Lamb Crab Scallion Oil Noodles Php 585 looks simple in its usual Chinese Take-Away box (plate) but I find it comforting (like that of Pancit Canton). It is made of crab meat, ginger, scallion oil and spring onions. 
End the meal with Egg Tart. It is legit good!
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Menu
Love the simple diner feel of restaurant reminiscent of the old days when you can expect music that your grandpa used to listen to. The only thing that would be relevant to Ping Pong is the cute display of hand and rackets on the wall that serve as a focal point of the restaurant. 
Knowledgable and attentive crew. Keep it up!
Total Damage and Budget
The prices are a bit steep but they are worth every peso. I would say, bring Php 1,500 for a dinner for two. 
Use SM Aura’s parking space. 
Plastic Money
Not quite sure if they are accepting credit card for now. But the restaurant has been operational for quite a while so I think they do. Better bring cash to save your face. 
Decent restroom inside the restaurant. 
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Review
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Review
Ping Pong Diplomacy SM Aura Review
Dress Code
Come as you are!
The Crowd
Families, friends, couples. I didn’t see the usual millennials though. 
The Verdict
They call it Progressive Chinese Cuisine for nothing. Ping Pong Diplomacy offers more than a fusion of Chinese and American food and flavor. Love all the different textures, flavors and temperatures of the food. If there is anything that I do not like about the restaurant, I think it is that green ginger drink that I initially ordered. It is not just for me 🙂  
with Rodelie Bieber 😀 
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 Pingong Diplomacy Restaurant
2nd Level, SM Aura
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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