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August 30, 2017

Carnivore Night at Roadsters Roasters

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong

I discovered a new hangout place and a restaurant that offers really good meat that would satisfy the carnivore in you - Roadsters Roasters

Located at the ground floor of TV5 Launchpad Building along Sheridan in Mandaluyong, Roadster Roasters is a spot you cannot miss in the city jungle.

Roadster Roasters offers a unique take to all American-barbecues and slowsmoked treats by infusing them with Filipino flavors. It prides itself with a full line up of signature offerings that are made using premium meat that are carefully roasted or grilled for a perfect fall-off-the-bone finish.

We got to try some of the best meals and I am satisfied from appetizer down to the mains. From cheesy appetizers, to 12-hour roasted beef brisket, and meat platters (that is even served with a roaring bike sound!), Roadsters Roasters has something for every appetite.

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Meat Platter
We decided to open Roadster Roasters because we saw the lack of establishments focusing on offering affordable yet really good meat dishes,” says Kurt Cheng, owner. “We have everything here. We have different cuts of pork, chicken and beef. We also have beer, bread, rice and various sides. Our idea is to create a no nonsense haven where meat lovers can relax and indulge in the sinfulness of our food—no hypocrisy. Be as messy as you want, no one will care.” 
Roadsters Roasters was built on friendships who share the same love for meat. I love the relaxed set-up of the place where friends can hang out but would still have privacy while enjoying a flavor-packed meals #FueledbyMeat.

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Texas Style Beef Brisket
(Php 300/150 grams, Php 590/ 300 grams, 
Php 980/500 grams, Php 1,920/1.5kgs)
It is slow-roasted for 12 hours so expect a fork-tender consistency

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Butter Roasted Chicken Php 580/whole
Even the chicken has that fall-off-the-fork texture

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Roast Pork Belly Php 680
This is usually served in bite-size pieces perfect with beer!

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Roadster Sisig
I was already full when this was served. Will try it next time! 

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Roadster Nachos

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Moza Bombs
We kind of got crazy over this appetizer!

We skipped the rice but the side dishes are equally good (starts at Php 65)

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Cold Potato Salad

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Mashed Potato

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
Mashed Sweet Potato

I would say, skip the Kapitolyo restaurants when they get crowded and head straight to Roadster Roasters. 

Roadsters Roasters Mandaluyong
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** all photos (except for press materials) taken using OPPO F3 Red #RuthxOPPOF3

Roadster Roasters 
G/F TV5’s Media Center 
Reliance Street, Mandaluyong
11:00 AM to 11:00 PM