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Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Launch with Anne Curtis

August 15, 2017
Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Review
Shiseido The Collagen Philippine Launch with Anne Curtis
I always knew Shiseido as a skin care and makeup brand. One of the trusted brands I use. When I got the invitation for the Philippines launch of Shiseido Collagen, I thought it was for a skincare line. I was surprised to see bottles and powders on display. 

I am quite familiar with Collagen drinks but I didn’t feel the need to drink them. I love anything that involves delaying aging. I still get complements from people telling me I look younger than my real age. Lately though, I feel that I am really aging – even people don’t see the signs :p 
That got me more interested in knowing Shiseido Collagen. Collagen is present in our body but we lose them as we age. 
Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Review
Dr. Ana Palabyab-Rufino talked about the benefits of “banking” a collagen in our body. 

Shiseido Collagen Ingredients

What makes Shiseido Collagen more effective are the ingredients which are mostly fruits (which is why Shiseido Collagen is sweeter compared to other Collagen Drinks). 

Lingonberries are rich with antioxidants and maintains normal functions of the cells. 

Amla has anti-aging properties, protects the skin, reduces scars and acne, and lightens pigmentation. 
Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Review
Shiseido Collagen also has Gaba, Elastin, Peptides and Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Royal Jelly and other active ingredients that help repairs damaged cells. 
Shiseido Collagen comes in different forms and types:

Shiseido Collagen Price List + Where to Buy in Manila? 

Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Review
Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Review
Shiseido The Collagen Philippines Review

Collagen Drink 50 ml Php 229.50
Collagen EX Drink 50ml Php 254.50
Collagen Powder 125 grms Php 2,499.50
Collagen Tablet  126 tablets Php 3,499.50/bottle
Collagen EX Tablet 120 tablets Php 6,799.50/bottle

These are available in Mercury Drug outlets and soon in Watsns stores nationwide. 

Anne Curtis for Shiseido Collagen
There’s no better person to talk about the benefits and good effects of Shiseido Collagen but Anne Curtis!
Shiseido The Collagen Anne Curtis
She arrived in the venue like a blushing bride in super cute Audrey Hepburn inspired outfit (her fashion icon!). She said she loves her movies, her style and heart. 
Anne is glowing and she is such a joy to watch. I felt like I was just listening to a friend shares her stories of travel, love and favorite Disney Character. She said that her favorite is Ariel because she thinks they have the same voice – and she randomly sang for us! 
She is so funny and bubbly!
Shiseido The Collagen Anne Curtis
 During a quick interview, she shared that her favorite place is Paris because her fiance is half French. She enjoyed their time there where they can just go and sit in a coffee shop like normal people. Her engagement ring is somewhat blinding me (she looks so regal!) but it is her natural glow that really got me. 
I love how she is open and embracing aging. She shares that as long as one stays happy and content, one will stay youthful. 
We were all served a bottle of Shiseido Collagen to toast for more youthful years!
Shiseido The Collagen Anne Curtis
I am excited to see the results of Shiseido Collagen! Will update this blog for my review. 

Have you guys tried the Shiseido Collagen? 
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