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October 17, 2017
CBTL Ready Coffee
The universe probably heard that I love coffee and the forces conspired to send me these through this week’s #bloggermail ☕

I actually try to cut down on caffeine; but when you have coffee drinks that are easily accessible and ready-to-drink, you just grab a can or a pack – or a sachet and you are ready to turn up the energy. 
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Ready-to-Drink Coffee

CBTL Ready Coffee
I always grab the CBTL coffee in can (though they are not as good as the signature hot lattes from The Bean), they are good and convenient drinks to bring along on your way to the office and/or meeting. 
I also love the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ready Coffee. I good alternative to the usual 3-in-1 mixes. 
I will absolutely pack these on my next travel. 
Nescafe Gold
Nescafe Gold Cappuccino
Nescafe Gold Cappuccino
Here’s a gold moment for me: I was impressed when I opened a sachet of White Espresso and poured it in my mug – lo and behold, there is a nice, thick crema that you can only achieve from extracting a perfect shot of espresso. Same is true for the Cappuccino which also produced nice foam. 

Tomorrow, I am trying what the Latte Machiatto has for me.

Oishi #TaraHiCoffeeTayo 

Oishi Hi Coffee Tetra Pack
Oishi Hi Coffee Tetra Pack
Oishi Hi Coffee Tetra Pack

I always love how thoughtful and creative Oishi Team is when it comes to sending #bloggermail. I literally said #Owow, when I opened the package. 
I got a nice package (with gifts) that I can use (in any days of the week) and enjoy with the Oishi Hi Coffee that comes in 4 flavors: Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Coffee + Choco and Caramel!

These packs can be stocked up in the fridge and be enjoyed anywhere, any day. The Oishi Hi Coffee has no preservatives or artificial flavor. These are good alternative for designer coffee drinks. 
Thank you friends for keeping the #bloggermail box full 💓
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