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Where Did My Clothes Take Me? #ElectroluxFashionCare

October 12, 2017
Where Did My Clothes Take Me?

I have love-hate relationship with fashion. Sometimes, I love to dress-up for the occassion, most of the time, I go for the usual go-to outfit. Trends and styles go and come back; but if there is one thing that never change over the years, it is how I care for my clothes.

Let me share you a fashion story and my FashionCare. 

My Fashion History
Growing up, I was mom’s very own model as she is a dressmaker.  But I also wore hand-me-downs from my sisters. I always wore dresses and skirts (because that’s what we wear going to the church) and I remember wanting so badly to own my first denim (a pair of Levi’s!). My younger years was mostly spent wearing school uniform and shorts (and Tretorn shoes!).


I was introduced early to Power Dressing when I was in College. We wore blazers and skirts (and stockings and black shoes) during major subjects. I remember wanting to drag the time, be an adult and earn my money at that time (unfortunately, I don’t have photos from that part of my life because I lost them all when our house burnt down). For months, I lived with the clothes that were given to me until I started building my closet again.

When I started working though, my first job required us to wear a uniform. After 6 months, I got promoted and finally got to wear a “black shirt”.  My advice to fresh grads, it is good to work in a company that requires a uniform. It would save you a lot 🙂

A rare photo of me with my co-managers. 😀

When manning a coffee shop became a little tiresome for me, I shifted to corporate work. Working for a global company required us to come in Smart Casual attire. I didn’t mind. My colleagues and I actually love the idea of coming to work dressed up.

Still being playful with my ensembles even for corporate attire 😝

We noticed that when we were in Smart Casual attire, we were more professional in dealing with others, we were more conscious of our posture and decorum, we presented in meetings well, etc. As we work and collaborate with people working in different time zones and job titles, we were always prepared to talk and present – be it via conference call or meeting. While Dress Down Fridays made us felt lazier in our chairs in front of Thinkpads. The kind of dress that you wear truly affects how you work 😉

Style After Corporate Job
As my days and weeks are dependent on the events that I go to and things that I do, I can be found wearing different styles and cuts of clothes –from dresses, pants and even long gowns.
Truth be told, the kind of dresses and clothes that I wear help me feel more confident about the things that I do. It is always important to wear the right clothes for every occasion. 

Theme Park 

Big Bike Adventure

Rare time I wore white 

eBloggers Ball 

Dressed appropriately now for temples 🙏

Why? It (1) is a form of respect to the host,  (2) it is much nicer to look at photos when guests are all wearing nice and theme clothes, and (3) it gives you more confidence to talk to people, client and/or go up on stage or take the ride! 

Nowadays, I want to be more minimalist when it comes to dressing up. I love investing on pieces of clothes that I can wear over and over again (my clothes are x years old!)
We have read articles how successful people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg always wear the same things because they want to focus their decision-making skills and time to bigger tasks (like running a company).  I want to adopt the idea. If there is one thing I learned from corporate about dressing up, it is to dress up like the person you aspire to be. 
Power Dressing for me is not just about wearing blazers, suits and ties. Power Dressing is about wearing clothes that are well-fit, tailored and clean – and more importantly makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

As styles and trends change, there is one thing that never change in the way I take care of my clothes – I always and still hand wash my clothes – even the denims – and undies! The only clothes that we machine-wash are the pambahays and pajamas. I do separate the whites to colored. Even doing the laundry by batch (denims only, undies only, etc). I spend time washing them, drying them and hanging them –  to keeping them back in my full closet. 

I invest on good quality of clothes (especially that I have a mom who is a dressmaker) and they are the ones that still give me a spark of joy. (still trying to embrace Konmari Method). It is much practical to invest on pieces that you can mix and match and wear in different ways. 
Check out this Black Dress that I got 5 years ago and I can still wear today. 
September 2012 Toronto, Canada
September 2017 Manila, Philippines 
 Where Did My Clothes Take Me?

I got to be part of a solution and people’s lives. Read my interview here. 

I got to be with these beauties during the Miss Universe 2016 Pageant 👑


I got to see and photograph the most beautiful women of different countries
I got to send off the most beautiful woman in the universe this year
I got to be a tech girl and interviewed a Product Manager during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 
I confidently showed my talent 😛

I felt more confident being with these good-looking men.

These are just some of my many adventures and opportunities that I got to take and embraced because I am confident with my clothes. Power Dressing is all about being comfortable (being able to walk, sit and do things without showing too much skin), and making sure that your clothes fit you well, don’t have stains, loose threads, etc, and are well-pressed.

But due to schedules getting busier and busier, I no longer have the time to do the laundry and care for my clothes (my mom always saves me).


Here comes Electrolux to save the day again. I am crossing my fingers and toes to own one!

The new Electrolux Washing Machine has Electrolux’s UltraMix Technology that mixes water and detergent to ensure deep clean and helps retain clothes’ softness, shape and color. 

The Electrolux Vapour Refresh program, will give wrinkle-free clothes. This means, I can save energy and time with pressing my clothes especially during packing and travel.  I mostly buy clothes that don’t need pressing but with this new technology, maybe I can consider.

I can fully manage my time with Electrolux Load Sensor™ as it automatically senses load weight, determines optimal washing time, water and detergent while guaranteeing maximum energy efficiency. I can multi-task and be more productive.

We mostly do our laundry (machine wash for pambahay clothes) at the roof-top, and we want to ensure that operation is silent and smooth. The best thing is that Electrolux Fashion Care has Electrolux EcoInverter reduces energy consumption by 75%*. 

For those who have a baby and has senstive skin, Electrolux Vapour Care educes allergens by up to 99.9% even at 40°C.

Check out for more information.

I love technology and appliances that help resolve simple life stresses. I can’t wait to know where my clothes would next take me. I am pretty sure I can go farther than my Instagram feed. 

Where Did Your Clothes Take You? 

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