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April 22, 2018

Why I am Starting to Drink More Milk + Easy Breakfast Recipe

Real California Milk Products Where to Buy

Why I am Starting to Drink More Milk + Easy Breakfast Recipe 

Although I can consume 1 gallon of water a day, I am not a big milk drinker. It is ironic for someone who, is at the age of 3 still hugs her mom for breastmilk. My mom told me that they even put ketchup on her breasts so I would just stop asking for breastmilk.  😁 Now that's a little fun trivia about me.

I try to drink and consume milk in many ways possible based on my lifestyle and taste preference.  Because ,why not? All dairy milk, in fact, whether  skimmed, low-fat, flavored or organic, contain nine essential nutrients: Calcium for proper nerve function, Protein which helps build muscle, potassium which enhances muscle strength, Vitamin D for protection against osteoporosis, Vitamin B12 for repairing red blood cells, Vitamin A which boosts immune system, Riboflavin which helps convert your food into energy while phosphorous helps maintain  your energy levels, and Niacin, which supports proper brain function and improves cholesterol levels.  

I know for sure that just by reading that, you would want to grab a glass of milk (hey, continue reading first!).  I am starting to drink more milk because I want to look younger than my age. The goal is to age gracefully. My eyesight is already one of my biggest concerns. I also read that milk helps in decreasing the acidity level all over the body.

I am glad that I can get the same health benefits of dairy through cheese, yogurt and ice cream. If my tummy seems a little harsh with milk, I can always go for dairy goods. But sadly, milk and dairy goods are not created equal. There are only a few good milk and dairy products that I really love because of its rich and creamy taste - and they are made of 100% Real California Milk. 

Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Wine, cheese and Exploding Kittens during one of the crazy nights with friends

California is the country’s leading producer of milk, ice cream, butter, nonfat dry milk and whey protein concentrate and is the second largest producer of cheese and yogurt. California is a home to  1,300 dairy farms, 99% of which are family-owned. It means that generations have carefully tended and cared for the cows, their  pastures and farms to produce only high quality dairy products. 

Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Real California Milk Products Where to Buy

Northern California’s climate offers a lot of pasture-based grazing while in sunny Central and Southern California, farms use free stall barns.  They have access to shade, food and water 24/7. Dairy farmers throughout the state ensure that the cows are healthy, comfortable and safe as cows that are under stress typically produce little to no milk at all. These dairy farmers should have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. ✌️

So how would you know which one is a good milk and dairy product? 

You look for the seal. Just check out the Real California Milk Seal. When you spotted the seal in a product, it means that it is certified as having been made with 100% Real California Milk from Real California Dairy families. Now that makes grocery shopping a lot more easier.

real california milk seal philippines

Here's a little extra tip for those who want to consume milk in different, more enjoyable way.  I am sharing with you my Breakfast Jar Recipe that I usually make in a weekend and enjoy anytime of the day. I tried to follow intermittent fasting (meaning I eat only until 8 pm and start eating again at 12 noon the following day). I basically skip breakfast and go straight to lunch. For snacking, I tried to stay away from sweet and salty food. Here's a more delicious, healthier snack or breakfast:

Real California Milk Products Where to Buy

What You Will Need

1 cup of Real California Milk
1 cup of oatmeal
1 cup of fresh strawberries
1 cup of ripe mangoes

Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Real California Milk Products Where to Buy

How to Make Your Own Breakfast Jar

1. Pour oatmeal in a jar which will serve as a base. 
2. Pour Real California Milk. 

Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Real California Milk Products Where to Buy
Real California Milk Products Where to Buy

3. Layer strawberries and mangoes (about one pack of Strawberries from the supermarket and 2 whole mangoes for this recipe)
4. Top with a whole strawberries for your Instagram Photo (hashtag #Delicious!)
5. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy!
I didn't add sugar or any sweetener for this recipe and I let the fruits serve as sweetener. 


Real California Milk Products
I do not have a legal name for this recipe yet. 
Any suggestion? 

This recipe is perfect for enjoying your fruits, oats and Real California Milk! 
You can also add nuts, mallows or other fruits in this recipe.

Now I know what to feed my future hubby everyday 🍓
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Would you like to replicate the same at home? Make sure that you use Real California Milk. 
Check out the stores below where you can buy Real California Milk and dairy products. 

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Check out www.realcaliforniamilk.com for more information, recipes and more Real California Milk products. 

*This post is in partnership with Real California Milk. 

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