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I Only Need to Save Php 125/Day to Own a House and Lot : There’s a 450,000 Pesos House & Lot for Sale in Laguna

July 6, 2018

I Only Need to Save Php 125/Day to Own a House and Lot : 
There’s a 450,000 Pesos House & Lot in Laguna!
Buying a house was never included in my life goals.  It is not because I was waiting for my prince charming to take me to his castle, or to win a house & lot in a raffle. Probably, it is because somehow I know I am not going to settle in the Philippines, and that we have our own house and lot. I thought, what my parents own, we own. At least that is what the Philippine Law on Properties and Ownership dictates. ✌️
When I started earning my own money, the goal was to buy everything I want and to travel (may I interest you to my travel stories?) Now that I am more responsible, I spend on things I need and experiences. But buying a house is still at a bottom of my list. 
Until, I came across the Bella Vita Fanpage. Suddenly, things/decisions/priorities changed. Bella Vita is offering affordable house and lot in Laguna at Php 450,000 or roughly Php 3,750+/month. 
That is just like paying for:
a cappuccino everyday (Php 125 x 30), or
travel tax for two international travels. 
BellaVita Land Corp. offers quality homes in the country’s social enterprise communities, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable living experience – from the house designs to the village features; one will get a sense of how living and livelihood may be seamlessly integrated.
Bella Vita Homes Location
Being the city girl that I am, I got curious where are the locations of Bella Vita Homes. Currently Bella Vita Homes has house and lot for sale in Pampanga, Batangas and Laguna which are still accessible via commute. The properties are strategically near hospitals, clinic, municipal halls, churches, and restaurants. 
I love that even if Bella Vita offers affordable house and lot, the property provides safety and security in the community. 
One of my biggest concerns when buying house & lot (my mom and I used to do several trippings to check house and lot for sale in Cavite), is the quality of workmanship. Bella Vita Homes provides one-year workmanship warranty and quality inspection prior to turn-over of units. The construction of these affordable house and lot is managed by MDC BuildPlus, Inc. 

Bella Vita Homes Design and Interior
Bella Vita Homes provides modern house and lot with practical use of space. I love that there are spaces for each household to grow their little garden. 
Each of the Bella Vita Homes house provides a space for living area, dining and kitchen. There is also a comfortable space for sleeping and more importantly, a decent toilet. 

Bella Vita Homes House and Lot Price
I am sharing with you guys the prices of Bella Vita Homes House and Lot that I got during this morning research. 
Poli Inner
Floor Area: 22 sqm
Lot Area: 36 sqm
Price: Php 450,000 
Reservation Fee: Php 3,500

Bella Vita Polli Inner
Poli End
Floor Area: 23 sqm
Lot Area: 50 sqm
Price: Php 650,000 – 900,000 
Reservation Fee: Php 5,000
Bella Vita Polli End

Floor Area: 24 sqm
Lot Area: 60 sqm
Price: Php 900,000 to Php 1,200,000 
Reservation Fee: Php 5,000

Bella Vita Homes Gemelli
Bella Vita Homes provides different payment options and financing through PAGIBIG, Bank, Cash, Deferred Cash, or Cebuana Lhuillier. 
Here are the other locations of Bella Vita Homes:
1. Tayabas, Quezon,
2. Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
3. Capas, Tarlac
4. Pililla, Rizal
5. Porac, Pampanga
6. General Trias, Cavite
7. Lipa, Batangas
8. Lian, Batangas
9. Rosario, Batangas
10. Alaminos, Laguna
11. San Pablo, Laguna
12. Pila, Laguna
13. Iloilo
14. Cagayan De Oro
I am pleasantly surprised that there are affordable house and lot for sale in Laguna that even minimum-wage earners and locally employed individuals can conveniently afford.  
#SaktoSayo #SaktoSaBulsa.
You can check out for more information. 
I guess it is time to re-think my priorities and put buying a house and lot on top of my priorities. 
I only need to save Php 3,750+/month for 10 years to own a house and lot. And 10 years is a just a short timeline. 1999 seems like only yesterday. 
What do you guys think of my new discovery? 😊

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