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Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT’i

July 12, 2018
Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT'i  Review
Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT’i 
I am still in my long journey to a healthy and flawless skin. Aside from monthly facial service, I also had my warts removed.
The last time I had wart removal or cautery was 5 years ago. I thought it was time to go for another round of treatment.

What You Need to Know About Warts

Warts, although benign (non-cancerous) skin growths are just unsightly. They are caused by virus called papillomavirus (HPV) and they are contagious.

They are usually skin-coloured, flat or brown. They may be unnoticeable but they feel rough in the skin. Warts can actually grow and become bigger (I had one of them in the left arm removed a few months ago).

Wart Removal at SvelT’i

I scheduled a wart removal session at my favorite skin care clinic, SvelT’i, in Timog, Quezon City.
I have a very good relationship with SvelT’i because aside from the very friendly staff (they always welcome me by my name – and it means a lot!), 😊 the clinic always suggests a treatment that I only need.

Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT'i  Review

They won’t force you to try new skin care technologies just because they are new offerings.
I scheduled my wart removal during my monthly facial session.
While I had my mask on, the attending nurse applied topical anaesthesia in the affected area (warts). She then started sealing them with a surgical tape. Curious that I am, I asked if that is a normal procedure. She said that this would prevent that medicine from “evaporating” – making it more effective – which means less pain for me.

After she cleaned my mask, she also started putting topical anaesthesia in my face.

Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT'i  Review

I have a fewer warts in my face. A lot more in my neck (I was surprised!).
The topical anaesthesia took 30 minutes to take effect (this gave me time to do social media and do bathroom break). 😊

Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT'i

After 30 minutes, she started peeling off the surgical tapes and proceeded with the treatment. She was so caring that she always asked me if anything hurts me. Before striking the wart with the tool, she would always give me a heads-up.

The tool is a thin needle-like rod that burns the skin cells of the wart. You would hear a hissing sound every time it hits your skin.
I have high tolerance to pain (or maybe the anaesthesia was very effective). But there were a few times that I felt the burn in my skin. Those were when the warts are flat and close to the skin.
The wart removal treatment took around 20 minutes or less. She then applied anti-biotic around the treated areas.
Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT'i  Review
The area around your skin would feel red and swollen.  She said that I can heal wounds easily (now that sounded like I have a superpower gift!).  😁 because scabs had already formed. She said that for others, there would be an open wound and would take hours or days before scabs are formed.
The treatment is painless. There is a pinch of pain but they are tolerable (I was more partly worried that the hot rod might hit my face or other part of the body). I actually felt an itch every time she peeled off the surgical tape. But overall, the wart removal treatment in SvelT’i is a very painless treatment. 

After Treatment Care
I was advised not to wash the area for 3 days. That sounds impossible for sure. She told me I should rest the area for 24 hours. But she told me I can take a bath but I should not rub or scrub the treated area.

Unlimited Warts Removal at SvelT'i  Review

It is important to keep the area clean with mild soap and water. I also apply antibiotic or Cautery Cream (available also at SvelT’i) to make sure that I won’t get infection.
The first wart removal treatment I had with SvelT’i was for the wart in my left arm. It started as a small bump but later on grew. It bothered me alot, especially when wearing sleeveless tops/dresses. As the wart was rather “big”. It was facilitated by Dr. Lalaine Salazar. The same procedure was performed. It was painless and very quick.

Wart Removal Price at SvelT’i
Wart Removal at SvelT’i costs around Php 1,500 per area (face is one area, neck is a different area). This is regardless if you have a lot or just one.
Interested to try SvelT’i? Visit the clinic for skin consultation.
Tell them we are friends, they might extend a discount 😉


61 Timog Avenue Quezon City

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