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Building Your Own Brand: OMNI Channel Marketing

August 28, 2018
Building Your Own Brand: OMNI Channel Marketing
It is true that we should not wait until we are big before we build our brand. 
Even as an individual, a blogger, or a personality, we all have our different branding. 
For small and start-up businesses, it is good to know that there are marketing and consulting companies that can help them earn attention, gain traction and sell in order to build and regain their momentum along the journey. 

OMNI Channel Marketing
I had the opportunity to attend and meet with the team behind OMNI Channel Marketing Consultancy Inc. OMNI Marketing  is an expert in the industry for 25 years. It helps businesses to diversify on information and communication technology, including sales and marketing activation for brand awareness, franchise and lease sales management for growth, sustainability, and profitability, and reputation management. 
Building Your Own Brand: OMNI Channel Marketing
What sets OMNI Channel Marketing from other consulting companies is that it offers its expertise in partnering with franchising businesses and sell their franchise brand. 
OMNI Channel Marketing is also introducing a unique Franchising Business, the GadFetcher (Gadget Fetcher) which is a pop-up mobile phone, accessory and repair services which serve honesty and integrity on handling customer’s electronic devices – living up to the tagline: Fetch, Send, Repair. 
GadFetcher (Gadget Fetcher)
One of the biggest  and leading consumer electronics and information technology expo in the country, CEITEX has partnered with OMNI Channel Marketing to promote its event and marketing efforts.  The technology expo is set on November 2 to 4, 2018 which is something similar to  Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 
GadFetcher (Gadget Fetcher)
The CEITEX 2018 offers FREE Entrance to consumers and buyers. I highly suggest that you go and get first-hand experience in trying out new technology and gadgets from different tech brands and appliances. 
OMNI Channel Marketing has a vast network and connections of tri-media in different fields which would help businesses in their strategy and execution. 
I know that this topic is not of the usual theme that I write about but it is good to have information like this handy in case I plan to start a small business and need help the marketing efforts. 

PS. I am back in Manila! Please stand by for my Vietnam blogs!

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