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5 Ways to Use Audience Personas to Improve Your Online Marketing Campaigns

July 11, 2022

Are you having a hard time determining who makes up your business’s customer base? If your answer is a big “YES,” then it’s high time you learn about a thing called audience personas, also known as buyer personas. Familiarizing yourself with them is the first step in an effective targeted marketing strategy, specifically online where people from all walks of life gather.

Creating personas or profiles for marketing will not only help you in identifying the groups that make up your audience but will also improve the way you communicate with your diverse online community. But first, let’s define what these personas are.

What are Audience Personas?

Audience Personas, in essence, are semi-fictional representations of your brand’s ideal customer/s. These personas are used to pinpoint and give form to the people that constitute your target audience and contain detailed descriptions about them, which include demographic details, interests, behavioral traits, buying patterns, goals, and more.

By specifying the individuals that make up your target audience through personas, you’ll have a better understanding of your existing customers or potential consumers, particularly what they want, what they need, and how they like to be approached online marketing-wise.

How to Use Personas to Make Your Marketing Campaigns More Effective

Now that we’ve delved into what Audience Personas are, let’s get into how you can utilize them to improve your digital marketing campaigns—be it on social media or other digital platforms.

These tips are sure to give you the results that you want as the best social media management agencies in the Philippines have been doing them religiously for years!

  1. Section Your Email List

Besides giving you insight into your customer base, specifically the type of people that your brand attracts, Audience Personas can also help you with email segmentation.

Using the personas that you create, you can group the people in your email list, making email marketing a whole lot easier and more effective. After all, once you’ve organized your email roster into groups, you can personalize or craft the messaging according to each group’s preferences.

The more in tune your messaging is to their tastes, the more likely they are to engage with your email campaign.

  1. Targeted Messaging

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, knowing the people that buy from you is an advantage. And that is something Audience Personas provide.

Audience Personas give you an insight into the many kinds of people that buy your products or services. It’s based on research and real-life information and comes complete with detailed descriptions that help you distinguish their interests, buying habits, online behavior, and more.

Having access to this set of data is essential in developing a targeted messaging strategy that your target audience will respond to.

  1. Campaign Scheduling

Audience Personas contain a lot of information about your existing and potential consumers. Of course, this includes their habits online—the social platforms they use, how long they use them, the period they’re most active in a day, and more.

Knowing your clients’ online habits or schedule will allow you to match the release of your marketing campaigns to when they’re most active, which means more engagement and interaction for your promotional efforts.

  1. Picking the Right Social Media Platforms

Because Audience Personas represent the diverse people that make up a brand’s consumer base, it’s only natural that they differ from one another. Naturally, the social media platforms that they use or frequent are no exception.

Through the analysis of your brand’s personas, you’ll be able to easily identify the platforms that your existing and potential customers use often. And once you’ve figured that out, you can easily distribute personalized marketing materials through those preferred channels and further boost the effectiveness of your targeted messaging.

  1. Finding the Right Influencer

Apart from helping you give form to the people that make up your target audience, Audience Personas are also able to get you up close and personal with them. One of the most effective ways you can do this, nowadays, is through collaborations with influencers—individuals who have huge followings on social media platforms.

The first thing you should do is pin down the influencers who are already talking to your Audience Persona/s. The next step is to reach out to them and try to form a partnership, which may take the form of product reviews, content creation, marketing collaborations, and more.

Don’t Waste Time!

While Audience Personas may seem like a complicated affair, specifically for those unfamiliar with it, the benefits you will reap from it will be worth the effort.

By developing personas, you ensure that your messaging, promotions, and marketing campaigns do not fall on deaf ears. They’ll always go to where they matter. This will also make certain that you communicate to your existing clients and potential customers in a way that they’ll find attractive and much more convincing.

So don’t waste time and start developing Audience Personas from your target audience!

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