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Maxxis Tires: 4 New Tires + New Tire Innovations

August 2, 2018
I am not the best person you can talk to when it comes to cars. But I would say, I am the best person who can sit next to you and own the passenger seat. I am very supportive if you are a new driver, and I can stay up with you during long drives. 

Last week, I got invited to the Maxxis event, trusted leader in tire technology for the launch of its new 4 products for the Filipino drivers. The event was held in Marco Polo, Ortigas and was attended by car dealers and media. 
Maxxis Tires is a company established in 1967, well known for creating bicycle tires in Taiwan. Eventually, their company’s popularity grew, and they expanded their business, and began producing tires for cars, trucks, and motorbikes, for more than 170 countries, worldwide. They have been the leading tire company that most drivers, and car manufacturers trust, because of their consistent  passing in the stringent European (ECE/E4), North America (DOT), Japanese (JATMA) and Chinese (CCC) standards.
Maxxis has launched their new creations, the Premitra HP5, Mecotra ME3, Bravo HPM3 and the RAZR MT772. 

Maxxis Tires Philippines

The new line of tires are patented with Silica tread compounding for better performance in wet and dry terrains, Nano science technology with optimal bead design that can absorb impact for a better rolling resistance, 3D tread pattern for stability and durability, sidewall design, and patented armor 3-ply casing.

Maxxis Tires Philippines

Maxxis ensures that tires perform in worldwide standards and perform tests in its quality assurance facilities but also at world-leading test centers. 
During the event, we learned how Maxxis Tires is positioned in the market as one of the best and reliable tire brands.

Maxxis Tires Philippines

 “As a trusted global brand, Maxxis is always seeking new way to offer better driving experience on and off the road by utilizing advanced tire technologies that offer improved control, stability and safety. And since every tire is a product of intensive research, you’re assured of over-all performance for years, making it a wise, and economical choice for all drivers. Today, we are proud to bring in 4 new tires that aim to be game-changers, especially in the Philippine market.” – Jaybee Atanacio, Product Manager of Maxxis Tires
Just sharing this information in this blog which I am hopeful will be helpful to me in the future. 
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For experienced drivers, do you guys know/experience the difference if you are driving with a better tire brand? 

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