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Timeless Fashion Pieces and How to Care for Your Clothes

October 30, 2018

Timeless Fashion Pieces and How to Care for Your Clothes

Classic and Timeless Fashion Pieces and How to Care for Them
I always think that the world is my ramp and everyday is like a fashion show. I had my fair share of owning a part of that ramp when I was younger. I always wanted to dress up and wear the trendiest items – I am lucky that my mom is a dressmaker and that everything that I wear or hang in my body just fits perfectly. 

Now that I am older and embracing minimalism, I want to keep only a few, quality pieces in my wardrobe. If you are in the same boat as I am, or a fresh graduate who is just building her capsule wardrobe, my tip is to invest on good quality clothes and learn how to take care of them. It is okay to repeat the same pieces, but wear them differently by mixing and matching – or by wearing them with a new trendy item. 
I am sharing with you some of my favorite classic looks in which I wore my favorite timeless pieces. Keep on reading because at the end of the post, I have  bonus tips on how I care for these clothing pieces:

1. Classic Plain Tops

I love my plain 3/4 black top which I can wear with skirt, jeans or shorts. I can also wear it as part of a layered ensemble when visiting a cold country. 
Timeless Fashion Pieces and How to Care for Your Clothes
For this look, I paired it with a flowy see-through white skirt and chic bag. I like that it is comfortable, classic and still speaks of my personal style. 
Here is the same black top worn differently. 
Here is a photo of me wearing a white plain top. A plain white top is a little tricky to maintain and take care of. But knowing how to properly care for it by sorting and following special care steps, I can still use the same top for a different ensembles. 
2.  Little Black Dress
The Little Black Dress is a girl’s best friend. One nice-fitting and classic style dress is enough for you to show up in any event of your life – a dinner date, job interview, night out with friends or exploration around the city. 

I always bring a black dress whenever I travel. It is actually one of my go-to outfits. For this look I paired it with white sneakers and gray coat to give it a more relaxed style during a day tour around Barcelona, Spain. 
Here is another look in which I paired it with booties for a more feminine look. 
You would notice that I always go for black pieces because they are easy to style and wear. 
3. Denims – a classic Denim Jacket and Nicely Fitted Jeans

Aside from blacks, I love wearing denims. They are classic pieces that you can repeatedly wear. Go for a classic denim jacket (although patched jackets and distressed designs become trendy, it is still good to invest in a classic Denim Jacket) that you can simply throw to add a little flair on a simple outfit. 
A perfectly fit denim pants/jeans is another wardrobe must-have. You can wear it during travel (paired with sneakers) or during night out (paired with high heeled shoes). 

4. A White Dress Shirt 
Here is something that we learn from the men in our lives, a button-down top is also a must-have in a woman’s wardrobe A button-down top (usually in plain white) is perfect for dressing up for business meetings,   as a cover-up (for beach trip), and a good layering piece during cold season. The best use for a button-down top is when applying make-up (before dressing up). You simply wear a button-down top and do your makeup, and change to your outfit easily without ruining your look. 
5. A Good Fitting Underwear and Bra
I always live by the motto that we should always wear the best underwear everyday, because we wouldn’t know what will happen to us at the end of the day. 
A good underwear that matches our clothes is necessary to make us feel more confident. I always invest in good, long-lasting underwear and bra. 
Underwear are oftentimes more expensive than regular clothes so it is also important to take care of them. 
How I Care for My Clothes?

Believe it or not, I still hand-wash my clothes and I give them the same TLC that I give to myself.  There are a lot of available laundry services around the Metro, but I feel that my clothes are a part of myself, and I couldn’t afford to let just any machine to take care of it. 
I am sharing with you some of the ways I take care of my clothes:
1. I make sure that loose threads are removed and buttons are replaced if needed. 
2. I do my laundry every week or weekend, so they are not left at the hamper for a long time – collecting dust and dirt. 
3. I hand-wash them and follow care instructions based on the clothing tag. 
4. I sort my clothes before washing making sure that I don’t mix colored to white pieces. 
5. It helps cut down my washing time if I allot a dedicated time to wash only underwear, denims or dresses. Sometimes, if I do not have enough free time to do the laundry,  I only do light pieces like underwear or shorts. When I have the whole day or afternoon, I can work on denims and heavier pieces. 
Lately, I couldn’t find the perfect time to unpack or do my laundry, and this is when I wish I have the new Electrolux Washing Machines. 
Some of the key features of the new Electrolux Washing Machines include UltraMix technology that not only cleanse and removes dirt but also takes care of the cloths’ color, shape and softness of the material. There’s also the Vapour Care Technology that gives a mist to the cloth to reduce wrinkles and make it easier to press. I personally go for clothing that doesn’t need much ironing so this kind of feature would really beneficial for me. 
What really got me about the Electrolux Washing Machines is that it is Woolmark Apparel Care approved which gives me the confidence to load my laundry in an Electrolux Washing Machine because it provides even a gentler hand-washing process. The best part is I can even set laundry time to give me free time to do other things. 
I am currently saving for this investment and hoping to take advantage of the Electrolux promo:
You can check out the link below for details of the amazing holiday promo: 
I always love how technology and my favorite brands help me resolve simple life stresses. Most of my clothes had been with me for years, and I have already built an attachment to most of them. It would be nice to still be with them as I go and explore more places and experiences. 
Do you have tips on how to care for your favorite fashion pieces? 

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