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Taiwan’s Tiger Sugar Milk Tea Now in the Philippines!

December 21, 2018
tiger sugar milk tea philippines menu

Tiger Sugar! The much-awaited Taiwanese Tea Milk Chain is now opening its first branch in Manila. Tiger Sugar is located in the Bonifacio High Street, just right in front of Fully Booked. 

tiger sugar milk tea philippines menu
For the love of milk tea, I braved the traffic and went to the exclusive media launch yesterday. The curious cats and tigers of Manila were already lining up at the store before it officially opened. I should not be surprised. Taiwan’s #1 favourite boba drink has been receiving crazy long lines in Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan!

Where Did Tiger Sugar Come From?
Before Tiger Sugar came to be, the owners first opened San Yuan classic green bean soup. This allowed them to study the improvements and advancements of beverage goods. Having a strong market foundation strengthened the team’s mission and objective, anchored on the “natural and simple” diet feature. This helped hand-craft-beverage stalls set new standards. Tiger Sugar deems product quality and brand image very important in providing consumers the  highest satisfaction.

Why Tiger Sugar?
Tiger Sugar’s name appears a little too fearless for a milk tea. Swaying away from the usual cutesy branding, Tiger Sugar derived its name from the “tiger stripes” that the sugar forms when the milk is poured on to the drink. 
tiger sugar milk tea philippines menu
What Do I Think of Tiger Sugar?

I am actually surprised to be handed by a cup of Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl with Cream Mousse (P120) that is too bold for a milk tea. It is recommended that you shake the cup 15 times to get the perfect mix and to allow the pearls to have the right level of chewiness. 
I love my milk tea to have a perfectly balanced flavor of black tea and milk – not too sweet – with soft, chewy pearls with every sip. 
tiger sugar milk tea philippines menu
Tiger Sugar is exactly like that – with a more prominent flavor of black tea compared to other favorite milk tea brands. 
Tiger Sugar milk tea is reasonably priced too with drinks ranging from Php 80 to Php 120. Check out @tigersugarphilippines for more updates!
tiger sugar milk tea philippines menu
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