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10 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight + Cebu Pacific’s Travelers Lounge at RWM

February 19, 2019
10 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight + Cebu Pacific's Travelers Lounge at RWM

10 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flights + Cebu Pacific’s Travelers Lounge at Resort’s World Manila
I have a love-hate relationship with airports. I love heading to airports because it means a new adventure is about to start (or it means heading home!) but staying too much time means wasted time – and we do not want that. 
While waiting for a flight in Manila, I love staying at lounges (my Credit Card allows me to have access to these lounges). Here’s good news to frequent travelers: Resorts World Manila opens its Travelers’ Lounge – and first to enjoy its benefits is Cebu Pacific. 
The Travelers Lounge offers satellite check-in services for flights departing from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA T3).
Cebu Pacific’s Travelers Lounge at RWM 
We got to check out the unveiling of the Travelers’ Lounge located at the ground floor of the RWM’s Newport Mall where Cebu Pacific passengers have the option to check-in for their flights during mall hours, or up to eight (8) hours before their scheduled flights. Those with check-in bags, however, will still have to proceed to the Bag Drop counters at the airport.
To ensure that nobody misses their flights while enjoying RWM’s attractions and amenities, real-time flight status digital boards are located at the lounge. There is also a weighing scale that passengers can use to check their luggage weight and dimensions. 
Cebu Pacific's Travelers Lounge at RWM
Getting to NAIA T3 is easy and cool with Runway Manila, an air-conditioned, elevated walkway that directly connects Newport City with the airport. Free shuttle vans regularly make the rounds from Newport Mall and RWM hotels to the Runway Manila entrance from where passengers can walk to the airport within five minutes.

10 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight 
This is really a nice place to hang out while waiting for your flight.  I am sharing some of the things I usually do while waiting for my boarding time. Note that for domestic flights, I usually allot at least 2 hours, and for international flights, I allot 3 hours or more depending on traffic. 
10 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight
Sadly, this lounge has already closed in NAIA Terminal 1

1. Eat and grab snacks. I love hanging out at the airport’s lounges and eat food! 
2. Buy essentials. I use the remaining time to buy my essentials that I might need during my travel – napkins, band aids or my favorite snack.. 
3. Recharge batteries/powerbank or gadgets. When traveling, it is essential to always stay connected and have power juice. Although I always make sure that my batteries are always fully charged before heading to the airport, I take advantage of the free time to recharge. 
4. Check out social media and friend’s updates.  I know that when I am traveling, I spend lesser time online, so browse social media and check on friends’ updates. 
5. Clean up my phone’s photo gallery. It is always good to have more space for new memories! 
6. Reply to emails (or draft a blog). We do not want backlogs.
7. Read blogs/articles. I love reading blogs and articles about my destination and this is the perfect time to pump up the excitement!
8. Download Netflix movie or series. Flights would make you totally disconnected, and some airlines do not have in-flight entertainment, so make sure that you download some movies or your new favorite series. 
9. Call a loved one or relative.  Before boarding, this is the time I usually call my sister or friend, and say buh-bye. 
10. Take photos and #ootd. The start of a great adventure happens while waiting to board the airplane. So take many photos!!!
10 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Flight
Now, you can do all these (and more) at the new Traveler’s Lounge in Resort’s World Manila. 
As an added treat for those who check-in at the satellite lounge, RWM is giving away 300 pesos worth of non-negotiable slots credits, and PHP 150 discount vouchers for every minimum P500.00 spend at RWM signature restaurants such as Impressions, Passion, Ginzadon, Café Maxims, and gaming area restaurants Silk Road, Silogue, Victoria Harbour Café, and Franks.
Cebu Pacific's Travelers Lounge at RWM
Guests must be at least 21 years old to avail of the slot credits and to dine in gaming area restaurants. Travelers with flights are responsible for reaching their boarding gates on time and encouraged to check the flight status boards around the property and to allow enough time to reach the airport.

Download the RWM Mobile App or visit for updates on new events, offers, and promotions at RWM and Newport Mall. Call the Tourist/Visitor Hotline at +632.908.8833 for inquiries.

What do you usually do while waiting for your flight?

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