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Avon Body Illusion Underwear for Everyday Comfort

March 29, 2019
Avon Body Illusion Underwear
Avon Body Illusion Underwear for Everyday Comfort
I always say that I always wear my best underwear everyday, not just because we wouldn’t know what would happen to us at the end of the day – but because it is an extension of my body as I go through my life everyday. 
My friend even teased and asked me if my underwear sets that I brought during the trip match my outfit? 

I am glad that at an early age, I have already understood the importance of wearing a good underwear (I learned it from mom). I, however, didn’t immediately arrive to owning my underwear essentials because of inaccessibility to different underwear that caters to specific styles of clothing and needs of women.
Underwear make or break the outfit – ever had that moment when you wish you have worn a good strapless bra, or seamless underwear?  Wearing a good underwear make us feel good about ourselves. But more importantly, a good underwear make us do our job and roles more efficiently and effectively. Who wants to worry about a bra that doesn’t fit or uncomfortable underwear during big moments like presentation, performance or even performing daily tasks?
Avon is one of the trusted underwear brands I wear. I remember buying new sets of bra was the first thing I did after our house burnt down and I was left with no clothes (this is a true story).
Side story: When our house burnt down, we were already set for a vacation in Cebu. My friend gave me underwear and clothes so I have something to wear. I felt uncomfortable the whole flight and I couldn’t breathe. I was thinking probably because of the devastating experience of losing everything we own – but I realized it was the uncomfortable bra that was breaking my ribs that was hurting me. I just laugh at that story everytime I share it – but it is true that what we wear (inside) is an extension of how we feel outside. 

I was very thin but is gifted for that built – it was very challenging to find an underwear that fit. Avon was the brand that I wore as I embrace every milestone in my life – from attending my first job interview, getting promoted, traveling to new places and even those little everyday wins.  
I always think that when you feel good about yourself, you have the confidence to focus on more important things. I always look back at how driven and motivated I was before at trying new things and aiming closer to what I want in life – I worked in the corporate where I was also active in different employee engagement activities, I was making and selling accessories online, and building myself as a reputable blogger. These while playing the role of a daughter, friend and responsible citizen.
Now that I left the corporate world, I never realized that life is no longer about career goals but also balancing relationships, staying fit and continuously improving one’s self. 
I recently received the set of Avon Body Illusions Underwear Set. It is made with Avon’s Invisilite material which offers the lightest and most flexible fit from Avon Fashions intimate apparel. I am excited to conquer the world, and my own fears with underwear set that is more fit to the needs of every women.
Avon Body Illusion Underwear
Women would understand when we say that one of the best feelings in the world is taking off our bra after a long day. It is ironic how we feel that the single thing that support us and our body, may feel a little burdensome – especially if it doesn’t fit us perfectly.
Avon Body Illusion Underwear
I oftentimes wish that I do not need to wear a bra – but that may sound as an insult to the genes that my mom has given me. I am blessed to have the gift that is part of my identity and feminity. 
The new Avon Body Illusion just feels perfectly on my skin. We can forget about the usual bra problems like wrinkled cup, digging straps, painful underwire and band riding up the back. 

Avon Body Illusion Underwear
Avon Body Illusion Underwear

The nude bra is perfect to wear for dresses and corporate attire – or even white plain shirt during lazy days. I love that it has no underwire, yet it gives a good lift and doesn’t deform when worn. Lately, I am into light lace bra but such kind of bra doesn’t give a good shape and lift when wearing clothes. I am glad that there is a new Avon Body Illusion Bra which is also perfect for travel and packing as you can fold it without deforming – giving you more space to pack other travel essentials. 
Avon Body Illusion Underwear
While the Avon Body Illusion Nude Underwear is a perfect seamless underwear. Recently, I am loving seamless underwear because they are more gentle and loving to my butt. Some of the seamless underwear, however, don’t hug the skin perfectly – which sometimes roll up – that you need to flatten out against your thighs every single time.  
Avon Body Illusion Underwear
The new Avon Body Illusion Nude Underwear is laser-cut that leaves no marks that makes it light and easy on the skin. It doesn’t ride up high or gives you a wedgie. It is feminine and neutral, and a must-have in every underwear drawer.
I love that the new Avon Body Illusion Underwear feels comfortable during my daily exercise routine. I need to buy more!
Thank you mom for the photos – those shaky hands always lift me up 🙂 
The New Avon Body Illusion comes in two designs:
Charlene: Underwire Seamless Bra (Php 899) and Panty (Php 299) is a 3/4 cup bra in eyeglass silhoutte with extra soft foam cups. Available in sizes 32A to 36C, 38B and 40B. 
Sonia: Non-Wire Seamless Pull-On Bra (Php 899) and Panty (Php 299) offers more flexibility with its pull-on form factor, complete with ultra soft fabric and moulded cups. Zero hooks which ensure seamless back and sides, even without wires. Size range from S to XL.

The new Avon Body Illusion Underwear is available at Zalora, or you may call your Avon Lady.

Avon Body Illusion Underwear
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Side Story: I always want to do my best in everything. There’s a vision in everything I do. It was untimely that my photographer friend had to fly to another country. And the busy schedule didn’t allow me to capture photos and materials for this post.  This is raw, and intimate. But I hope you got the message. ❤️

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