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Tips in Buying Gold Bracelets

April 16, 2019
Tips in Buying Gold Bracelets
In the past, gold name bracelets were mostly worn by older people. But as years and styles develop, gold bracelets have evolved into fashion essentials. 
Many young women have also begun to

wear gold bracelets. It is however, tricky to buy gold bracelets.  If you are planning to buy gold bracelets, don’t get tricked by its design and style. I am sharing with you these tips from gold shop owner: 

Firstly, avoid buying bracelets with hollow

style . This gold bracelet is beautiful when viewed from the outside, but when you compare it with other designs, you will notice that it is much lighter than a solid one. The hollow design can easily bent and dented when bumped. Additionally, hollow gold bracelet may take sometime to be repaired. It is recommended that you choose a solid designed gold bracelet. 

The second thing to avoid is the hollow Heart Charm Bracelet. At this moment, this type of bracelet is very stylish – and may sometimes appear flashy.  Women usually buy gold bracelet as an investment or as an accessory. As women tend to embrace an active lifestyle – with most being a mom who does a lot of different things, heart gold bracelet seem to tangle with other materials – causing it to break. 
The third type to avoid is the gold bracelet of the phoenix chain style.  It is easy to imagine this style as phoenix’s tail when laid flat on the table.  Stringed by small pieces of gold, it looks gorgeous and luxurious. However,  this piece is composed of pieces which is easy to fall and not easy to repair. 
The next time you are planning to buy a gold bracelet, keep these tips in mind. Gold is good investment and a luxurious accessory to wear in any occassion. Check out some pieces from

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