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December 17, 2019

Found my GROM! Italian Gelato Now in Philippines

GROM Italian Gelato Philippines

That's not a typo. I found my GROM!

I am not really an ice cream person but when I get to taste a really good ice cream or gelato, I would instantly fall in love with it. 

I got an invite to the launch of GROM in the Philippines a few weeks ago, Italy’s quintessential gelateria brands traveled 10,000 km to our islands and is now available in select supermarkets and groceries. 

GROM gelato was founded in Italy in 2002 by friends Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom in the hopes of creating the best gelato in the world. After realizing how a great many gelaterias no longer made gelato the way it used to be made--without the use of artificial colouring, aromas, and emulsifiers, the duo committed to creating GROM gelato the way traditional Italian gelaterias used to make gelato – with pure, authentic, and Italian craftmanship.

GROM Italian Gelato Philippines
GROM Italian Gelato Philippines
GROM Italian Gelato Philippines

One of the first things I noticed about GROM is its packaging,  simple and straightforward - but what inside is just pure and flavorful gelato.  Every scoop of this sinful gelato is made with raw, naturally sourced materials, either from their own organic farm Mura Mura or from one of their partner suppliers from around the world.

GROM Italian Gelato Philippines

There are currently 4 flavors available: 

Crema Di GROM - Made with pastry cream, Venezuelan chocolate chips, one of the most aromatic in the world and Grom’s own meliga biscuits. 

Cioccolato - Put one of the best varieties of chocolate in the world together with fresh milk and white cane sugar and you get a full and lasting chocolate sensation.

GROM Italian Gelato Philippines

Pistacchio - the Pistacchios used were the Perfect Green and Mawardi strains – the first characterized by its resinous and balsamic flavours and the second by its leather and tobacco aromas.

Stracciatella - Simple yet ingenious and one of the most traditional Italian gelato flavours with Fiordilatte and chocolate chips.

Honestly, it is hard to pick just one favorite. I think I love all the GROM's flavors. 

GROM is available in select supermarket at Php 495. A true indulgence. Go, get your GROM. 
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