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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR

February 11, 2020

Whenever I think of planning on migrating to another country, I always think of Singapore as a potential country of destination. I am always curious about the process of applying for a Singapore PR. 
Singapore is actually the first country that gave my passport its first tourist stamp. I remember how amazed I was discovering and exploring the country that is a lot different from my home country – from a world-class public transport system, beautiful urban landscape, and law-abiding citizens (and tourists).  The strong law enforcement translates to a safe city that everyday appears a walk in the park (and I mean, literally, because of the greens around the city). The climate is perfect for those who are used to the tropics.

What attracts more foreigners to the Lion City and wanting to become a Permanent Resident is access to world-class health care benefits, education, and greater employment opportunities. A lot of Filipinos I know have moved to Singapore and applied for an S Pass.
Relocation and changing residency status are really big life changes. My previous work in a corporate world was under the Mobility arm of Human Resources. I worked with executives and employees who got assigned to different countries. It is very important to have a professional guide them through the whole process – something that they are not familiar with. 
Just like any other things, applying for a Singapore PR status is new to us – outsiders.

Paul Immigrations Reviews

Paul Immigrations is an immigration consulting company based in Singapore. It works like an assistant who can help candidates ensure that their documents are complete, provide insights and tips, and guide through the whole process – including drafting of cover letters. In any process or application, it is always a good recommendation to consult with someone who has comprehensive knowledge and understanding of subject matter. 
Paul Immigrations has already served more than 15,000 applications, including (but not limited to) S Pass Holders, highly skilled workers and foreign investors who have shared their reviews and ratings about the firm’s excellent services. 
Paul Immigrations Review: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR
A quick browse on the website presented me with everything I need to know before I go ahead and work on my papers offline – and avail of its services. 
First off, the home page provides information on the kinds of clientele they cater to – which is basically those who are eligible to apply for a Singapore PR status.  These are: 
Employment Pass or S Pass Holder
Aged Parent of a Singaporean Citizen
Spouse of Singapore Citizen or PR
Unmarried or legally adopted child aged below 21
Student studying in Singapore
Foreign investor in Singapore
The website is straightforward and direct when it comes to determining its target market. 
If the applicant thinks he/she falls on any of the categories and would need more information before he/she proceeds with the process, there is a PR Assessment service that the site provides (which is conducted online and via phone). 
I was able to gather more information about the Permanent Residency process, and I am sharing them with you to give you a background and understanding of how Paul Immigrations ensure that the process is systematic, communications with clients (applicants) are open, and time is well-managed. 
Paul Immigrations Review: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR
1. Client Interview via Telephone Call 
A consultant will be assigned to a client (applicant) who will conduct a telephone interview to determine eligibility for Singaporean PR status. 
 I think this process alleviates anxiety among applicants who fear one-on-one interviews and possible rejections. The phone interview provides a lighter approach to the process that also builds trust between the consultant and applicant.

2. In-Person Appointment
Once the eligibility is confirmed, the In-Person Appointment is scheduled. 
During this process, the consultant will validate the authenticity of the work pass of the applicant, including a profile assessment. The consultant will also share the factors that will affect their PR approval. 
This is when the applicant can decide if he/she would like to engage the service/ help that they can provide them to improve their chances of getting an approval. 
3. Document Collation
When the applicant decides to take Paul Immigrations services, he/she can now start with the paperwork. An Immigration Specialist is assigned to handle the process and assist with the application. 
Paul Immigrations offers convenience to the applicants by providing two options on how they can submit their documents: (1)  by scheduling a meeting with the Immigration Specialist and personally submit the documents, or (2) scanning the documents and emailing them to the specialist.
The latter option is perfect for those who are still residing in their home country (examples are the spouse of Singaporean PR or Citizen or Foreign Investors). 
4. Immigration Specialist Completes the Rest of the PR Application Paperwork on Behalf of Client 

One of the highlights of getting the service is the assistance they provide to the applicants in completing all the necessary paperwork. The Immigration Specialist will complete the form based on the information gathered. 
To help with the PR application,  the firm can also draft a cover on behalf of the applicant. Submitting a cover letter will show sincerity and emphasis on the applicant’s commitment to the local community and Singaporean society as a whole. 
I, personally have submitted cover letters during my applications for visas in countries like Spain, Japan and South Korea. Writing is one of the essential skills, and not a lot is gifted with a talent to craft a letter that would convey intentions in a precise and clear manner. The firm ensures that the client’s application stands out based on the profile they have gathered. 
5. Immigration Specialist Submits Client’s PR Application
 Once the Immigration Specialist validates and completes the documents required to submit an application, the applicant has two options to submit the PR application. It can be done remotely, (the specialist submits it on behalf of the applicant), or by scheduling an in-person meeting with the applicant to personally submit his/her form. 
I can compare this process whenever I will submit an application for a visa. The travel agency usually checks for completed documents (ensuring all fields are filled out, forms are completed, and all documents are signed). 
I had experienced processing and submitting a visa application by myself – and it made me anxious thinking if I have answered the forms correctly, and have not missed out on any important step. 
Paul Immigrations ensures that clients’ requirements are completed and in order before proceeding, to help save time and resources. The process (from step 2 to 5 usually takes 1 to 2 months). 
This is when the waiting game begins. 
6. Communicating the PR Application Decision
  Once the PR application is submitted, it usually takes 4 to 6 months for the ICA to assess each PR application. Depending on the outcome (whether it is approved, or denied), the Immigration Specialist will communicate and guide the applicant in the next best course of action to take.
I remember when my friend got denied a visa from the country we wished to visit, and we were both unsure of the next steps to do. I spent the whole night, making Google my companion as I researched ways how we can handle the decision (if we should appeal, or ask for additional information to revert the decision). It is always good to consult with an experienced person to assist on the next steps to ensure higher chances of getting approved next time, or not to waste time and efforts, and re-apply after a certain period.  This is a good post-application service. 
Paul Immigrations Review: Your Guide in Applying for Singapore PR
Aside from its personalized service, Paul Immigrations provides meaningful tips and resources on its website – free – to everyone who is visiting the website. From Do’s and Don’ts of Applying for Permanent Residency, Benefits of Applying, to Things to Do if You Get Rejected – you can read all about this information online even without subscribing to its service. I think this is one of the firm’s biggest strengths. 
For those who live in Singapore, you can also visit their office located in Suntec City. 
Having a professional expert guide you through the process of a life-changing journey can really help you get a higher chance of getting approved, allowing you to save time and resources. 

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