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My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience

September 7, 2020
My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines

My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience 

My new normal as a blogger is all about attending virtual events and enjoying more coffee at home. As we all embrace and survive the new normal, it is also important to learn new skills and ways to enjoy things we love. 

I recently joined the Virtual Coffee Festival hosted by Breville Philippines. It is a month-long celebration to commemorate the brand’s 10th year anniversary. After the success of its first run, the brand hosted the event for the second time- and although it was held virtually – through a Free Online Event, the aim is to help everyone enjoy cafe-quality coffee at home by connecting everyone to the experts.

I joined the first day of the virtual event last September 4 since I was free that afternoon. The event was conducted by Chef Edward David Mateo of the La Royale Patisserie Food Group, where, through an Live Streaming he created yummy, delicious cakes and desserts using our favorite, coffee. 

I love everything coffee-flavored – ice cream, chocolate and cakes! I tuned in (and even participated in the game) while having my afternoon coffee. I usually have coffee after my own Live Stream and relax before jumping to my next schedule (mostly content creation), so it was a perfect timing for me to catch the Virtual Event. 

Chef Edward’s session reminded me of my college days when I would bake cakes and pastries. At the time, I didn’t have a stand mixer and I had to do all the beating by hand (it was a good exercise). Through his live stream, he showed how easy and convenient it is to mix and make ganache, and prepare yummy desserts with the Breville Bakery Boss mixer. It is indeed a baker’s dream tool – with attachments and bowls. 

My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines

He prepared Coffee Cheesecake with Coffee Chocolate Glaze, Coffee Bun Cake, and Chocolate Mocha Cake.  These are exciting yet easy recipes made with (instant) coffee that anyone can make at home. You can even enjoy it as dessert, or sell for extra income. 
My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines
I love that Breville offers other appliances and kitchen tools (aside from the signature Espresso Machines) to make everyday cooking much more easier and convenient for everyone. 
My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines
Barista Express
My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines
Smart Grinder Pro

My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines

Precision Brewer Thermal

The other two streams were all about Latte Art by Dave Dource and maximizing coffee use for both food and non-food uses (example would be as a fertilizer for your plants or as body scrub) hosted by Chef Louise Mabulo. 

My Virtual Coffee Festival Experience Breville Philippines

Aside from these free virtual classes, Breville is also holding a contest and giving away Breville Products. Breville is inviting everyone to participate in the event which will choose the best dessert inspired by our favorite morning cup of happiness. You guys can follow Breville’s Page for more information: 

Looking forward to learning about and consuming more coffee.

What’s keeping you guys busy lately? 

I hope you are keeping strong as your coffee. ☕

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