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5 Career Options That Might Work for You Without a Degree

October 14, 2020

5 Career Options That Might Work for You Without a Degree

Securing a job upon graduating from high school can be stressful if you do not know which path to take. While getting employment might be easy for those with degree qualifications, there are options for you, even when you lack such. However, logical thinking can make you believe that obtaining a bachelor’s degree, maybe, even a Ph.D., is the only way to succeed in life. While that is an option, you should quit thinking that it is the only way.

Each person is different, and you can find an admirable career without stressing over education loans in an attempt to secure a degree. This might include investing in the real estate industry using the brrrr method. However, the option comes with its fair share of challenges. The following career options present countless opportunities for you to pursue.

You Can Become an Oral Hygienist 

With only little technical training, you can earn a living being a teeth cleaner, better known as a dental hygienist. If your dream is to work in that field, you can join many individuals who have registered significant wealth. A recent study indicates that those who took the career route made over $68,250 in 2012. The statistics translate to $32 hourly.

One of the primary requirements for you to work in the United States includes getting licensed. However, the requirements may vary as you move from one state to another.

Become an Online Marketing Agent

Advancement of technology has opened infinite opportunities for people to earn a living through online marketing. What’s more, the chances are limitless to the degree holders, as well as to the ones holding none.

The option is ideal for freelancers, who have the zeal to build networks through platforms such as email, social media, as well as through physical contacts. As a marketing manager, you can develop your website, where you can run advertisement projects for reputable institutions, just like Ohmyhome App does. Other things you can do include handling inventories and property evaluation.

Research shows that online marketing managers earn an annual income of over $87,000, without any degree.

You Can Work as a Web Developer

Becoming a web developer does not demand that you acquire a four-year degree course, as it only involves hands-on skills. You can begin by getting familiar with terms such as CSS, HTML, Python, Ruby, and Perl, among others, which are common in the field. Countless talented individuals have been making a decent living, despite them lacking university degrees.

You do not need to undergo a specific course or a tedious curriculum to become a web developer. If you yearn to become an expert, you can start by finding manuals and tutorials to help you meet your objectives. You can make an approximate annual income of $76,000 through the profession.

Become a Hair Dresser or a Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is an all-time money-making career that requires no specific college degree. The secret behind making a decent revenue from the profession is to work diligently and to maintain excellent customer care.

According to statistics, countless hairdressers in the field make more money than most office staff having university degrees. Besides the fact that you do not need a college degree to become a proficient cosmetologist, the capital you need to start is significantly low.

Become a Paralegal Aide

Working as a paralegal assistant puts you above those earning the lowest income in numerous companies, even with their degrees and decades of experience. In some cases, an attorney may take you through an official exam before hiring you. However, it is not mandatory to do the test for you to get an opportunity. All you need is to take an intermediate course in legal studies, which is not as demanding as a degree.

Due to the accelerated cost of living and education becoming more expensive, attending a university is not a priority for many people. That way, the best option you can have is pursuing a career that does not need you to acquire a degree to earn a living.

The best thing about these and many other career options is that they come with minimal tax obligations. They present rewarding opportunities to those disadvantaged in terms of education. Even if none of the options seems to meet your dream, you can still consider countless other opportunities.

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