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BSkin Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum Now in Philippines

March 4, 2021
BSkin Philippines

BSkin Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum Now in Philippines

They say, one of the most wonderful things in nature is a glance of the eye.  Eye truly shows us our deepest emotions, and aside from taking care of our vision (eye sight), it is equally important to care for the skin around our eyes.

BSkin, a brand from Singapore launches a new Eye Care Multi-Tasking Serum in the Philippines. The new eye care serum is packed with multiple benefits – hydrates, firms, and brightens our eye area. 

During the virtual event held last March 3, 2021, BSKIN Philippines unveils the benefits of the new eye care serum as it reverses signs of aging, erases dark circles and pigmentation, decongests and reduces puffiness, and prevents skin dryness.  

BSkin Philippines
A #bloggermail that highlights BSkin’s natural ingredient

BSkin also invited celebrity make-up artist, Guilly Valenzuela who shared with us tips and tricks on how to use BSkin products for preparation of skin before make-up. A good make-up, after all is built through a good skin care routine and products. 

BSkin Philippines

I started using eye make cream when I was 21 (per the articles I have read through fashion ang beauty magazines). But, I admit that I was not very religious at following eye care routine when I started working, add the nocturnal lifestyle.  I was more focused on living the life 😁 I don’t think I have given my eyes and eye area the rightful care they deserve. It was a mistake for someone like me who has such vein-y genes. 

BSkin Philippines

BSkin is made with natural products, combined with revolutionary technology and innovation. The brand is backed with more than 30 years of experience in potent bee-based compounds and bee wellness products.

When I first tried it on my eye area, it feels light to the skin. It didn’t sting my eye are and there are no irritation. It smells like a fresh sunflower oil and I love its sleek packaging.  I am hopeful to see visible results in the coming months.  The eye area (aside from neck and hands) is where you can see visible signs of aging, and I would want to delay the signs.

Due to the pandemic, we are all left with nothing but eyes to show – the most exposed part of the body exposed to pollutants. It only means, we need to give extra care to our eyes and eye area. 

Aside from BSkin Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum, BSkin also carries the BSkin Anti Acne 3C Spot Treatment. It is ideal in treating pimples and break-outs overnight. 

BSkin Philippines
The BSkin Anti Acne 3C Spot Treatment has a combination of serum-cream consistency

BSkin Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum Now in Philippines
Just apply a small amount on affected area. 

While the BSKIN SS Cream is a 4-in-1 cream made up of all- ingredients which combine skincare, sunblock (SPF50+/PA++), make-up base and foundation. This is ideal for someone like me who easily break-out and cannot wear too much makeup, for too long. 

BSkin Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum Now in Philippines

I admit that I had previously lived such an unhealthy lifestyle (that affected my health and skin condition)  but I am happy that there are products like BSkin which are now available in the Philippines which will help me delay signs of aging, and give my skin its best state for my age. 

Here are the prices for your reference:

Special Line Eye Care Multi-Tasking Power Serum ₱5,332.00

Special Line Anti-Acne 3C Spot Treatment ₱1,372.00

SS Cream 15ml ₱1,249.00

Have you heard of BSkin?

Check out   for more information about the brand. You can buy BSkin Products at Lazada and


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