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How to Care for Your Colored Hair at Home

May 12, 2023

Colored hair is an expression of one’s self, or in my case, just to cover my grey hair. While they look really nice to wear and style, colored hair needs more time, attention, and care.

Here are some tips I personally follow to care for my colored hair:

  1. I use certified vegan and cruelty-free hair color. Vegan hair color uses plant-based ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals, which can be gentler on your hair and scalp. It may also be less likely to cause allergic reactions or other side effects.
  2. Use sulfate-free shampoo: Sulfates can strip the color from your hair, so it’s recommended to use a sulfate-free shampoo that is specifically designed for color-treated hair.
  3. Condition your hair regularly. Conditioning your hair hydrates and prevents it from becoming brittle which damages the hair.
  4. Protect your hair from the sun. Exposure to the sun can cause your hair color to fade quickly. Use a hat or scarf to cover your hair when you’re outside, and consider using a leave-on conditioner.
  5. Avoid High Temperatures. Hot water and styling tools can bleed the color out of the hair. Make sure that you use protective coat when using styling tools.
  6. Deep Conditioner Your Hair with Natural Ingredients. I use mayonnaise to dee-condition my hair. It is an old trick I follow since I was in High School when I still had a virgin hair.
  7. Go for regular treatments. Since I started dyeing my hair, it became more brittle and prone to breakage and damage. I make sure I schedule a salon visit for touch-ups and keratin treatment.

Covering My Gray Hair

I had a very nice (virgin) hair.   I remember whenever I go to salon for haircut, the stylists would ask me if I had my hair colored. I have a natural dark brown hair.  It was, however, both a blessing and a curse. After the twenteen years, I started to see grey hair. It was against my “beauty values” to dye my virgin hair – but I had to. 

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For those who are looking for natural and vegan hair products, the newcomer to the Zenutrients family, COLORS is out to help Filipinas express their inner and outer colors.

For more than a decade, Zenutrients has made it its mission to empower communities through proudly local, natural, homegrown solutions to personal care needs. From its bestsellers: the Gugo line to the cult favorite among curlies, the Curls by Zenutrients brand – the team found a gap among people with color-treated hair and the actual daily maintenance of it. Thanks to Facebook groups like the Colored Hair Community Philippines and more, the brand reached its aha moment.

COLORS by Zenutrients is a colored hair after-care line for everyday maintenance which consists of shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil, all made with natural ingredients:

Blue Ternate Flower

COLORS is formulated with the striking blue hues of Asia’s native Blue Ternate Flower, made for gentle toning and keeping your hair color vibrant.

Argan and Lavender

Dryness after the intensity of bleaching and hair dye? Trust that you need that moisture back! COLORS is packed with the nourishing duo of Argan and Lavender, for your hair’s moisturizing needs.

Traditional purple shampoos are strong, most times drying when it comes to toning (which is why those are not advised for daily use). COLORS by Zenutrients work best when used together.

The products are free from sulfates, parabens, and other harmful chemicals.

You can find COLORS by Zenutrients here:

– Exclusive Shopee Launch: May 12 to 18, 2023

– Available on our website and kiosks: May 19, 2023

Find us on Shopee, Lazada, Zenutrients’ Website, and kiosks near you!

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