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8 Simple Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special Everyday

May 14, 2023

There’s nothing like a mother’s love. It is a real blessing for me to experience Mom’s selfless and unconditional love every day. Although we do not really celebrate Mother’s Day, I try to make sure that I express my love for her even in simple ways.

A quick history of Mother’s Day

The tradition dates back to pagan celebrations that have influenced the modern-day celebration of Mother’s Day. The most popular in ancient times is the celebration of the Greek goddess Rhea, who was the mother of many gods and goddesses. Similarly, the Romans celebrated a festival known as Hilaria in honor of the mother goddess Cybele. The celebrations usually entail games, offerings and dancing.

There’s also “Mothering Day” which was celebrated every fourth Sunday of Lent to honor the Virgin Mary, which soon evolved into how Mother’s Day is celebrated today.

Staycation at Rizal Park Hotel

I previously stayed at the Rizal Park Hotel and I thought mom would love the hotel, too. Staycations are nice to give our parents a different scenery and experience. It is ideal that the Rizal Park Hotel is near our place.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special Everyday

Here are some of the ways we can make mom feel special everyday:

  1. Cook for her or cook with her. Mom cooks for us every day, and when she craves something (like her favorite, Palabok), she makes sure she cooks the dish for us. I indulge her by making sure I help her with the task – be it as simple as peeling vegetables and preparing the ingredients. It is a great way to bond with her, too.
  2. Date her and dine at her favorite restaurant. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Just go and dine at that restaurant that you have been wanting to try. I personally love going out during off-peak season, or when there is no occasion (less traffic and you can go without reservation).
  3. Do things for her. As simple as washing the dishes, cleaning your room, or buying her medicine. Any simple act of service means a lot to moms.
  4. Surprise her with a gift, just because. Fresh flowers, a piece of jewelry, or a new set of cooking pans (or anything for her hobby). We don’t need to wait for her birthday, or any special occasion to give that gift. Recently, the most popular gift for moms is the money bouquet. you can also DIY it by buying a money bouquet online.
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  5. Watch her favorite TV show/movie together. With so many video-on-demand apps, you can enjoy a great bonding moment with your mom at home. Set up a home projector and order a food delivery- now that sounds like a nice day at home.
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  6. Schedule a Spa Date or Medical Check-up with her. Moms need some pampering, too! They have to take care of themselves to be able to take care of the family. A spa date and pampering session is a nice gift, as well as an Executive Medical Check-up.
  7. Listen to her stories (and acknowledge her feelings). It is one of the most important things that we can give to our moms.
  8. Compliment her. Be sincere with your compliments and know the right timing to send your appreciation. It is also important to know what she values the most. If she loves dressing up, compliment her style. As for my mom, she values cooking for us, and I want to make sure that I tell her how I love her cooking. I think my favorite is when she cooks Sinigang or any of my favorite dishes in time for my arrival (after my travel).

It is ironic that I express myself through writing in this space, but I never really write long letters or messages to Mom.

There are many ways we express our appreciation and love for others, and what’s important is we do it in the most meaningful and authentic way. 💓 Cheers to all moms and moms in our lives.

  1. Thanks for sharing this.. Mahalaga talaga na maiparamdam natin sa mga nanay natin kung gaano natin sila kamahal at naaappreciate..
    Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom Ms.Ruth

  2. Awesome…. I really like this article and all your posts! Enjoy life as you know always. Sometimes I will meet you in Philippines or in Mexico or anywhere around the world! God Bless you and bless your mom

    1. Awww. Thank you, Ba Pak Javier.
      Appreciate you visiting my site ☺️

      I would love to reconnect with you soon. Hopefully I can visit Mexico. Love your adventures, too! ❤️🤗

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