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Embracing Minimalism : Why I Use Tumblers

April 20, 2021
Klean Kanteen Juicy Pear

Embracing Minimalism and Shopping Green

It is a small win for me to be able to live intentionally each day. That includes doing things I love, knowing how to spend my time, and taking care of myself. 

I embraced minimalism and simple life (but don’t expect our home to have the Japandi interiors – maybe soon. It is the lifestyle I want to share with the family). I want to only keep things I really love so I would enjoy using them. I hope that by doing so, I am also helping the environment. To be honest, I cannot really go all green with everything, but small things can make a difference. 

One of the good investments to have is a good tumbler or drinking bottles. Klean Kanteen is a trusted brand for stainless steal water bottle. I did a little research about the brand’s history, and found out that the owners also enjoy simple life. Even turning down investors to keep the brand family – owned. 

Klean Kanteen Juicy Pear

Personally, I love using tumblers.

Here’s my current favorite The Klean Kanteen 355 ml/12oz TKWide w/ Café Cap Juicy Pear. Since I am mostly at home. I use it to keep water while working out. It helps keep my water cold; yet it doesn’t leave flavors even if I use it for my coffee (in the afternoon). 

Klean Kanteen Juicy Pear

It is durable and guaranteed not to shatter or rust. It comes with carry loop which makes it easier to carry especially when going out for errands. 

Klean Kanteen Juicy Pear

I always bring water whenever I go out now for errands, and I use  Klean Kanteen that is trusted to not spill. It is important to keep ourselves hydrated (especially when going  out); and bringing your own water/tumbler saves you money and eliminate plastic bottles wastage. A little step can go a long way. 

Klean Kanteen Juicy Pear

Buy Klean Kanteen Php 1,650

Take advantage of the promo @shopee and get up to 25% off on selected eco-friendly products 

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