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Toesox Non-Slip Yoga Socks

June 14, 2021
Toesox non-slip socks

When it comes to working out, I want to be practical with my routines and exercises. I take advantage of free workout videos online, or routines shared by friends. But, I make sure that I invest in and wear the right workout clothes to make sure that I can move freely. I mostly do low-impact exercises like Yoga and Barre, and after months of doing routines, I learned that it is also important to wear the right workout socks.

Toesox is a popular yoga socks that is made of organic combed cotton which is softer, more durable and of higher quality. Embracing minimalism for me means buying high quality of products which can last me a lifetime. Personally, I love investing in good products knowing that Fashion is one of the most polluting industries. I learned that Toesox produces items that lessen the impact on the planet.

Every single pair of Toesox socks is created with a 5-toe design. It creates an hygienic barrier for the feet while allowing the toes to feel free – giving me more balance and flexibility when doing poses or squat pulses.

When I first used the Toesox socks for my Barre workout, I felt more comfortable that I won’t slip. It helps my workout by activating foot muscles, allowing body to work properly with the right posture. It also eliminates friction that may cause blister and injury, while keeping moisture between toes. One of my biggest concerns when working out is when I get all sweaty that I might slip from my own sweat. I can feel a big difference with the way I do my workout when I am wearing Toesox.

The patented non-slip grip sole provides secure foot placement. I really like the confidence it gives me when I do cardio routines. The Toesox socks also has arch band that provides gentle pressure to life and support the foot. It also sports a fitted heel that prevents bunching and twisting when you move.

For those who are not into five-toe socks yet, you can try the Tavi Noir Grip Socks which also have the same amazing features of the classic toe-cut socks.

I love that you can still express your style with Toesox ‘s different cuts, colors and designs. The best thing is we can shop for these yoga socks via the Shopee app. The brand is launching today, June 15, 2021 so check out the store and shop for your workout needs.

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