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Tips in Searching for Your Dream Apartment

August 13, 2021

Scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration ideas for our future home or dream apartment is fun and exciting, but searching for the actual apartment could be a nerve-wracking experience. Before you drive to the location and sign the contract, there are things you need to consider and things you should expect in searching for your dream apartment.

Getting an apartment is a big decision, and you want to make sure you are prepared for this life-changing move. As someone who has been living with my parents since birth, and owns a unit for rent, I have perspective for both parties involved in closing an apartment lease or sale.

Here are the tips that I hope you will find helpful:

  1. Plan your budget. When searching for an apartment for rent, you need not only consider the first month’s rent. You have to set a budget for security deposit, first and last months’ rent, parking fees, and other management fees. Other expenses include utilities, phone bill, internet and your living expenses. When looking for an apartment, you should note that units at the upper level of the building cost higher because people pay for the view.
  2. Choose the Location for You. Just like booking a hotel or apartment during travel, it is always important to consider the location. Ask yourself these questions: is it closer to your work? Is it close to public transportation? Is there a market or grocery nearby? Commuting can take most of our time, and one of the benefits of renting an apartment is it cuts down time away from important things. Finding the best location – whether near your work or family, is an important consideration when looking for an apartment. California is one of the best locations for you to get your Los Angeles dream apartment. Apart from being the center of film and TV industry, Los Angeles has different attractions for people with different interests and lifestyle – be it getting a tan in a beach, or hiking. For those with family and kids, Los Angeles has really well-rated schools and universities. Los Angeles is a bustling city, with diverse mix of culture and values.
  3. Prepare for the Look-See Trip. When you are viewing an apartment, be sure to check on things that may be overlooked like drainage system, outlet and power supply, as well as leaks in the shower and toilet. It might also help to bring a tape measure so you can measure the spaces, building entrances and hallways which will be helpful once you move-in with your furniture.
  4. Use Apartment Rental Site. With so many information available in the internet, it is good to take advantage of the information we can get with just a few clicks and quick search. There are reliable apartment rental sites that you can utilize, that even narrow down queries to specific locations. This feature is very helpful, especially for those who are apartment hunting in premium locations.
  5. Read the fine print. Before signing an apartment contract, make sure that you carefully read the terms and conditions of the rental. It is best to communicate with the landlord or property owner any questions, to easily addressed them before your scheduled move in.

It is true that when you found your dream apartment, the hard part is over. For now, I hope you find these tips helpful. Happy apartment hunting!

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