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Quick Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Band Booked

December 21, 2021

Some musicians are fine with simply recording and releasing music online. Most people, on the other hand, want to work in the music industry so they may perform in front of an audience and play shows. Finding and securing concerts is, unfortunately, one of the most difficult chores for any artist. It’s considerably more difficult if you’re a complete novice with no prior performance experience. It’s a time-consuming procedure to find locations to play in, bands to perform with, and promoters and booking agencies to contact. To make matters worse, you don’t want to make a negative first impression by taking the wrong approach. Any future relationship you may have with a venue could be swiftly ruined as a result of this. Read on for quick tips and tricks for getting your band booked.

Quality Demos

Booked talent agencies and promoters are unlikely to have heard of you if you’re a new band just getting started. The best method to do this is to record your music in high quality. When a band first starts out, they often have only simple homemade demos, which can significantly hold them back. It’s a good idea to invest in high-quality studio recordings early on in order to ensure that your music conveys the actual character of your band. Although entering a professional studio may appear to be an expensive effort, it is not. There are numerous online recording studios that provide high-quality recordings at a minimal cost these days. 

Grow Online Presence

Having a great social media presence is one of the finest strategies to get venues to pay attention. That isn’t to say that you need tens of thousands of fans to book shows. Many musicians acquire phony followers to make themselves appear popular on social media. Professionals in the sector, on the other hand, are aware of this strategy and can spot it if it’s being used. It will really prevent them from scheduling you if they learn that your social media followers are made up of a number of fraudulent profiles. 

Engagement with your postings, such as comments and shares, is more valuable than the amount of followers. Even showing that you use social media to advertise concerts and post material may help you make a good impression when getting gigs. As a result, devote time to publishing on social media and developing compelling material that invites fans to engage with you online. Return the favor by responding to your supporters’ remarks and thanking them for their support.


Going to shows, supporting other artists, meeting industry pros, and learning about your local music scene are all good places to start. You can explore locations to play, other acts to perform with, and understand how concerts are booked for that place by attending other bands’ events. Networking can be extremely beneficial to your job. So, whether it’s the bands, the sound guy, or even the bartender, strike up a conversation with them. You’ll probably run into the person who books the performances for that venue at some point, but don’t try to persuade them to employ your band right away. Instead, approach them like you would any other person and commend them on their job at the venue. It takes a lot of time and effort to network, but it’s well worth it. Strong ties with industry insiders can go you further than any other booking strategy. 

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