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Nostalgic Childhood Board Games

August 22, 2022

Back when there was no internet, one of the forms of entertainment we had at home are board games. I remember playing Millionaire’s Game, Pictionary, MasterMind, and Cluedo with my siblings.

I am feeling nostalgic thinking how simple the life was when I was younger, and when the only computer we could access was the Family Computer. It was in the late 1990s when I had early access to the internet. The web was a different world back then in terms of graphics, interaction, and online games.

I discovered this site where you can play board games and online games from our childhood, and I am so happy to reconnect with my favorite board and online games.

I had to play the infamous Minesweeper which is one of the default Games in a Windows operating system. I remember asking my sister to teach me how to play it, and once I learned the tricks, I got so addicted to it. It has become my stress-reliever when taking a break from my school work.


I also tested my skills in Chess. It is one of my favorite board games when I was a kid. I learned Chess when I was 7 years old just by watching my aunt and cousins play. Obviously, my skills have gone rusty, and it took me a while to defeat the other player.

The site also carries the classic Snakes and Ladders! I remember this is one of the first board games that I played with my siblings. It is challenging and exciting! I played it again today and it is frustrating to get to the finish line of the board. It is is a totally different experience to play this game with animation and sound.

I am bookmarking the page for quick access to these games that I can play for a quick break from working and writing.

What are the childhood games that you missed and love playing?

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