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Judy Ann and Ryan on My House Husband, Marriage, and Being Friends

December 15, 2011

Judy Ann opened the door of the room with such a rush and an apology. She was followed by her husband, Ryan Agoncillo, and the first things they said were apologies. We really didn’t mind actually. We waited for them for hours, but we enjoyed the company of other bloggers in a cozy place such as Napa Restaurant in Timog, Quezon City.

When they finally settled in their seats, Judy Ann or Juday told us they would have buffet infront of us, but with sincerity she offered us drinks – beer, wine, or anything that we wanted. Ryan jokingly said, “pwede ring gawing light!”. I was amazed that the couple still have the energy to joke around. They had been answering questions and doing interviews for hours. When I arrived in the venue, Bianca Gonzales was doing her interview, and next inline was Zoren Legaspi.

By the way, Napa Restaurant has really good food! I will sure be back. Here’s what we had:

First things first, let’s ask the couple about the movie. As you know, it is not the third installment for Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo or Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo. It is a movie on its own. As what Ryan shared, in this movie, alot of people can relate to the situation of the characters – like the man getting laid off, the woman getting promoted. The couple find themselves relating to the characters somehow. Ryan also shared that a man and woman can have a platonic friendship – I agree on this, since I also have a guy as a bestfriend. But what is Eugene’s role in the movie? That’s for us to find out.

One blogger asked if they also find themselves getting jealous of other people? Juday answered with confidence that she never get jealous of other girls, as she shared “Siguro about time, yung walang time.. kung sa babae man, di ko aaminin!”.

I never realized Juday could be that witty and funny! To be honest, I didn’t really like her during her younger years. Yes, I watched Mara Clara. But I am more of a Team Clara. Yet liking and admiring someone like Judy Ann is not that hard. She is such a good actress – I have seen both Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo and Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo – and she is that good of an actress and a natural. When I met her during a presscon, she greeted all the media people as if they were long-time friends. Talent and character make her the star that she is.

As of being jealous with other girls, there is no reason to get jealous. She may not be as gorgeous as Anne Curtis or Solenn, but somehow she stays youthful – and who would have thought she just gave birth? When asked what motivated her to get fitter – she said it is both for herself and Ryan. She said she wanted to look like Ryan’s co-host when they are together. And with a teasing tone Ryan said – “Kamukha ni Vic Sotto. Co-host daw eh!”.

Hahaha. I felt my cheek hurting as I laughed at that joke. How can they stay that sweet and funny? They simply click. What is their secret? Juday said it is all about honesty. They are open with each other, and the most important thing is that Juday finds reason to laugh at Ryan. 

They also shared something about marriage – it is not a competition. Marriage is not about pride, but helping each other on whatever situation they are in. It is also about having respect for each other.

I am not yet married and hearing stories about failed marriages and infidelity, wedding ring scares me more. But looking and watching Ryan and Juday laugh at each other, touch each other lovingly and look at each other with that spark, it makes me think that marriage is a fairy tale.

We wanted to ask more questions about them and their relationship, but we were only left with an hour. During the presscon, Ryan also shared with us the story about the controversial tweets, and car incident with a writer. It is indeed a long story, and I’d rather not share it here because I might miss on important points, the bottom line is Ryan apologized and shared his view on that incident. I admire him for that.

There is more reason to count the days before Christmas. I am getting more excited to watch the movie! What I love about the My House Husband team is that they are very humble – they don’t usually brag about how good the movie is, or how hard they worked for it, they just always say that people can relate to it, and they will learn alot from the movie. Even Ryan is not aiming for awards, he jokingly said that he might get nominated for “Best Child Actor“.

After the last question, the couple thanked us for the time (it is worth the wait!). Juday shared that she learns from reading blogs, and Ryan left us with such encouraging words and reminded us about being a responsible “blogger”.

Of course, presscons/bloggerscon are not complete without Photo-ops! And Ryan remembered me from the Tender Juicy Hotdog presscon. So she calls me the Tall Girl. Yes, I am! 🙂

My House Husband opens on December 25, 2011. Please come back to this post after watching the movie, would love to read your reviews.

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We will be meeting with the whole cast this Saturday. If you have questions you want to ask, post away!

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