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Last Post for 2011 is All About Gratitude and Hopes

December 31, 2011

I usually sleep and catch on sleep during New Year’s Eve. But I cannot let the few minutes pass without writing my last blog post for 2011.

This has been a very great year for me. More than the blessings, material things, experiences, exposures, great job with supportive team and opportunities, I am more thankful to God for keeping me and my family safe, and for meeting a lot of talented and wonderful people in different industries who like me, share the same interest – writing.

This year has been so significant especially in my blogging. This is I think the highlight of my 2011. When I started blogging, I never wanted to be famous, or popular (not that I am today). I wanted to stay anonymous. I am happy documenting my experiences, my frustrations and views – I never even cared if there is anyone or no one who visits my blog. I never post my pictures because I wanted to keep my life private.

But I realized that – “no blog is an island”.. and I made the right decision to say Yes to events invitations, and I met a lot of people who let me see life in different perspective. They are talented and wonderful people who do good at what they do best – good photographers, good at covering events, good at making comics, certified foodies, and a lot of interesting talents.

I cannot tag them all, or mention them all in this post – let me just collectively call them “bloggies”. What is more touching is all the tags and mentions in Facebook and Twitter, letting me know that I had been a part of their great 2011 too.

I am also thankful to my team, especially my former boss (now a former boss effective December 30th), who supported me in whatever activities and programs I wanted to take part of – including my blogging. I feel so lucky that eversince I started working, I get to work with wonderful people and I always have a good relationship with my boss. Next year will start a new challenge in my life. A new role and I have to do good at it because a lot of people think that I will do good.

Next year, my commitment to a Corporate Social Responsibility program has been set (yes, I already have a ticket!), and I am somewhat excited and nervous. I am just praying for God’s guidance and help throughout the in-country assignment.

I don’t know what will happen in the future. My mom and I attended the year-end prayer in the Church to thank God and ask for His guidance in the coming year.

Thank God for the wonderful 2011!

Happy New Year!

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