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My House Husband, Ikaw Na! Presscon at Guilly’s!

December 25, 2011

I can’t believe it is already Christmas! I slept yesterday afternoon and woke up early this morning to attend worship service. My phone is flooded with greetings from friends, bloggies and loved ones – same with my Facebook alerts and Twitter. So what are you planning to do today? My mom and I will sure watch My House Husband. I missed the premiere night held last Thursday in SM Megamall (I woke up late because of the party I attended morning after shift!), and I just sulked while I prepare to work and read the tweets regarding the movie.

Last week, we were invited for the final presscon of the movie with the whole cast in Guilly’s, Tomas Morato. We basically know about each cast member’s role, having attended numerous presscons with Eugene, Judy Ann and Ryan, and even Direk Joey. Joining the presscon was Rocco Nacino and Ellen Adarna. Unfortunately, Direk Joey wasn’t there – earlier that day I read his tweet that he was not feeling very well.

Judy Ann and Ryan plays couple in the movie – with Judy Ann climbing the corporate ladder, and Ryan staying at home, doing the household chores and taking care of the kids. Eugene admits that he is the “other woman” in the movie. While Rocco plays Judy Ann’s brother, and Ellen adds a spice in the movie as the bank teller.

The presscon was as fun as the previous ones. What makes it more special is that it is solely organized by the OctoArts Films and My House Husband, Ikaw Na! team for the bloggers (thank you for the opp!). The event was hosted by Melai and Shalala. Although Judy Ann previously admitted that she was somewhat nervous to meet bloggers, we are still glad that we were given a chance to meet-up with them again (plus, I got to meet and be with Manila’s fashion bloggers – it’s like Phil. Fashion Week all over again!).

One question that was asked was, what makes the couple trust Direk Joey to direct their movies? Ryan said that Direk Joey has integrity, and he knows how to give and what to give to the audience. Direk Joey can relate to everyone, he added. During our bloggers con with Direk Joey, he admitted that he loves talking to other people, of different profession and interest because he learns from them. That might be his secret to his success. He even shared that in the movie, My House Husband, there are no punch-lines, but real life banters and lines.

Since the movie is focused on having a (supposedly) third party, Rocco, Ellen and Eugene were asked if they are okay with such set-up. Rocco said that he wants to love the right way – he even confessed that he goes to his mom for advise, and that he is a certified mama’s boy (I guess, that makes him value woman more). Ellen said that she doesn’t want to be a second choice. While Eugene left us with a witty remarks – “Never. Sa tagal tagal ko bang naghintay, third party pa ako?”

Eugene (by the way), posed for Sense and Style – and we love her shots! She came in really shiny, shimmering splendid dress, with cute pig tails – I asked her, if she has a stylist – of some sort. Before she answered my question, she even asked about my lovelife (oh yeah, she remembers me from the previous presscon!). She said she doesn’t have stylist  (si Yohann ang peg nya that day!)- and even asked if I am one – I eagerly recommended Melai who hosted the event. And she was not spared by Eugene’s wit and humor!

With Eugene in the room, sitting next to Judy Ann, they couldn’t stop laughing and gushing. It seems like they have an inside joke that only the two of them know and understand with just their eyes talking. And their laugh are contagious.

When Judy Ann was asked if she’s willing to accept role as a third party and to which couple/stars, she said she wanted to be third party for Richard and Lucy Torres Gomez.

After the premiere last Thursday, I got friends who told me they can’t stop laughing at Eugene! But the real morale of the story, as Judy Ann shared – it is not important who brings money in the household. It is okay to be a House Husband as long as you are not lazy (batugan). In addition to that, Eugene also shared that it is nice to have a guy friend as a bestfriend.

So anyway, I need to finish this blog entry and head to cinema. See you at the ticket booth!

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