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After the 60-Day Challenge: Did I Glow with Gloww?

July 29, 2012

I went to the dentist to supposedly have my tooth extracted, but for some weird reason, the anesthesia is not doing its job on me. I had 3 shots, and the last one was for surgery. It is weird. We even conducted an x-ray and confirmed there is no infection. I never had alcohol. I was well-rested (I think). It seems that the my body quickly absorbed and dissolved the chemicals. Or I am just plain stressed.

Maybe I am. But I don’t look like one. My skin is not showing it, the same way it was behaving when I was not taking Gloww. A sleepless night (or day) would mean zits and break-outs. But none of them are existent.

I have already finished my boxes of Gloww. Do you remember my initial post about it (you can read it here), and my first month’s review? I owe you guys this last review’s post, so here I am..

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So yeah, I took the last capsule last week and I have decided to continue taking the supplement. So before heading to the dentist, I got my Gloww supplies from Watson’s.

I bought two boxes which costs Php757.50 each. I think you can buy it by piece since the sales lady initially gave me a retail price. I am just so glad, I got my supply!

Wondering why I chose to continue to take it? I will list the pros and cons:


It doesn’t interfere with my bowel movement/metabolism.
It gives me sort of energy. I am less sleepy at work.
It does work what it promises – it makes my skin fairer and even.
No break-outs/zits since I started using Gloww!
I usually get scaling skin when it is too hot or cold, but I didn’t experience this for two months.


It makes me lazy to go to my derma.

The skin care clinic which I usually go to always calls home to ask for my schedule visit. I told them I am busy and I would just give them a call. Before, I always feel the need to go to the derma. I cannot remember the last time I visited them to have facial and diamond peel. I think more than a month. Note that I am not making Gloww my substitute for a relaxing facial treatment. Of course, I would still do the facial cleaning routine; it is just that I am glad that I can still maintain a fair skin.

Here are my most recent pictures. I won’t be posting the usual before and after pictures because I don’t want you to think that I edited them (besides, I don’t know how to do the posing for that).

These were taken during our team’s bonding swimming last week. Yeah, despite the rain, we (they) still swam. I chose these pictures because it shows the most natural me – without make-up, foundation, whatsoever.

Now you see how I fair with my colleagues. 😉

For those who are wondering about Gloww’s composition – Gloww capsules are composed of Marine Protein, Horsetail Extract, Green Tea Extract, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Hydrolysed Collagen, Vitamin C, Tomato Extract (Lycopene), Grape Seed Extract, D. Salina Extract (Betacarotene), Pine Bark Extract, and Vitamin E. There are no added preservatives, chlorinated solvents, and artificial flavors in this supplement, but it is advised to be taken only for people aged 18 and above.

How about you, what is your skin supplement? What is making you Glow(w)?

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