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Rainy Nights Best Spent with Carlo Rossi

August 8, 2012

It’s rainy and cold. How nice it is to spend the night  with Carlo Rossi?

Oh, that’s not the name of the guy I am seeing.. If you love bold,
full-bodied, and something to put a little heat in this cold weather,
you need Carlo Rossi. And I mean, wine.

Wine is always present in celebrations, and even us, Filipinos have also
adapted the love for wine that we now also include a glass of fine
drink with our meals. Or even to add as a flavoring for our  specialty
dishes. I, personally enjoy wine because it is not too strong and has
health benefits. It never distorted my face everytime I take a sip.

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The market of wine drinkers has been growing and can be somehow
attributed to the openness of females to wine drinking because of its
perceived health benefits. However, the preference for sweet wine is
dominant since they find dry wines bitter. To satisfy this, the company
brings to the market, from Carlo Rossi, the No.1 Imported Wine in the
Philippines…Rossi Sweet Red.

To suit the quality and authenticity of a red wine that fits the
Filipino taste, Rossi Sweet Red provides a well balanced palate,
complemented by fresh fruit flavors and a velvety soft-finish.

Crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun drenched vineyards, Rossi
Sweet Red is soft and sweet, with layers of vanilla and flavors of
bright cherry and wild raspberry. It is guaranteed to burst with flavor
and aroma with the right alcohol content, so Rossi Sweet Red isn’t just
grape juice packed in a wine bottle.

 Add a touch of creativity, wines have also become a good souvenir for
parties and events – especially weddings which replaces the usual
kissing dove figurines.

 From a friends’ wedding

Token from a media briefing

When I was in College, we studied all wines, and the types of glass that
we use – red wine glasses, white wine glasses, champagne flutes and
sherry glass – we even drew them!

The other night, while working from home, one of the clients I am supporting probably felt my need for cold glass of wine – and since I was able to resolve her issue, here’s what she had to say to celebrate..

How funny and timely!

How nice it is to smell, swirl, taste and let Carlo Rossi in our body.. but if you know a real Carlo Rossi, well, that’s a different story.

Do you have a wine story? What do you crave for during a rainy days/nights?

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