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Mandarin Buffet in Ontario, Canada: Going Chinese!

September 14, 2012

I grabbed chopsticks, and ended a good meal with a fortune cookie for
lunch. Our partners brought us to Mandarin Buffet in Ontario. We got to
eat something healthy – especially we are craving for rice. And extra
rice! Even with Fall clothes on, we cannot deny that we are Asians 🙂

I wouldn’t let the opportunity pass to taste and experience good food – even if it means only an hour of feast (lunch break).

To know what good food are served in the buffet tables, click Read More..

Before you get excited about the food.. let me first share how festive the place looks..

Fish Pond 
There are lanterns all over the place, leaves which spell spring, bright lights, aquarium and interesting designs.
One of the function rooms where we were 
supposed to stay


The food is as good as the ambiance, check out the buffet tables..

Steak and side dishes..

Salad Bar

The bread station

Asian Table – you can tell from the rice!

More Asian Food!

Sweet and Sour Fish in celebration of Moon Cake Festival!

That is a cute garnishing!

Noodles and other Asian Meals

Bacon and Cutlets!

Soy and sauces

A little taste of Italian?

Something Japanese!

Soups for your soul

And what have I got?

hour is not enough to taste everything that is in the buffet table, so I
just tried some interesting food. I tried the steak, which is okay. The
glazed Asian dishes are fairly good – what is good is that, each food
has a distinct taste. At least the food don’t all taste the same like
most of the other restaurants that offer buffet.

Now, it is time to jump to the dessert table.. 

Alot of interesting new desserts to try

The Pumpkin Pie which is interesting.
 It is smooth and velvety – that you think more of it as
a dessert than a vegetable based pie.

A fruitful lemon square!

Not Coconut Cream Pie, 
but Peanut Pie!

The Green Tea Cake is an interesting offering.
It tasted like a normal Green Mancha Tea –
too strong a taste for a dessert and I somewhat
 miss the sweets after tasting it.


Napoleons and Carrot Cake Slices
The Carrot Cake felt thin in the palette but not crumby. 

 On the other side is more desserts!

Does anyone remember your granny’s favorite 
butter cookies?

Brownies and goodies!

This is interestng.. Honey Twist!

More desserts and pastries

Sweet sweets!

There is also an ice cream bar!
Some interesting flavors.. Bubble Gum and Black Pepper!

And of course, I enjoyed scooping those ice cream!
One thing I always wanted to do is to grab the scooper
from Mamang Sorbetero!
Black Pepper Ice Cream is not sweet, and tangy.
 It is hard to describe the taste.. it is not repulsive, but has a kick.

I mixed it with Cappuccino and Chocolate Ice Cream 
which is a good combination.. and yeah, a slice of
Pumpkin Pie and Black Forest (I just miss!). 

 At the end of the meal, we were served with Fortune Cookies!
(and hot towel!)

The message says.. 

And yes, I have received a message but it wasn’t so pleasant. 
On our way out, we were even given mints..

Wondering how much I paid for the buffet?
$14.68 CAD = 625.937 Php
It is fairly affordable if you are living here since meals are usually at $10 to 15 CAD,
and around $7 CAD in the cafeteria. Besides, I got more than enough 
of the ambiance for the money that I paid for. 
For more info, check out
Have you eaten anything interesting today?

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