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Breakfast Buffet at Holiday Inn, Markham

December 2, 2012

Waking up with the same breakfast everyday could be tiring. At some point, I felt that. But thinking about the fresh brewed coffee, the crispy bacon strips and sausages (which is my perfect breakfast set!), while having just donuts today could be really painful.

People had been asking me to write about the Holiday Inn Breakfast Buffet. Remember I shared with you my hotel review and pictures of my room in Holiday Inn, Markham where I stayed for 3 weeks. Read about it here. Although my best breakfast experience was in Hotel Kempinski, I am not disappointed with the Holiday Inn, Markham‘s. The breakfast offering is decent and my friends claimed that Holiday Inn, Markham has the best bacon strips!

holidayinn.ruthilicious (27)

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Once you enter the cafe, you need to present your Breakfast Vouchers which you will get upon check-in. We got like 21 vouchers, but we didn’t get to use them all. Usually during weekends, we tend to wake up late (late, like 10:00 AM) and just felt tired to go downstairs.

Below is the simple buffet set-up..

What are the offerings?

Mango Juice, Apple Juice and Milk 

holidayinn.ruthilicious (16) 

Cold Cuts and Cheese which I only tasted on our last day..

holidayinn.ruthilicious (1)

Cereals! Colorful Cereals!

holidayinn.ruthilicious (12)

Baked Beans and Congee

holidayinn.ruthilicious (8)

Peas and Scrambled Eggs

holidayinn.ruthilicious (7)


holidayinn.ruthilicious (6)


holidayinn.ruthilicious (5)

Donuts and Cupcakes
They looked beautiful, but there are better donuts 😉

holidayinn.ruthilicious (4)

Wheat and White Bread will your choice of
Jam – strawberry, blue berry mango, etc..

holidayinn.ruthilicious (3)

More Donuts and Fresh Fruits for dessert
Fruits are the only available dessert. Something healthy!
There are grapes in fruit platter, we just took them all 😀

holidayinn.ruthilicious (2)

And of course! Bacon Strips and Sausages!
Looking at them now makes me want to grab a fork and poke my screen!

holidayinn.ruthilicious (14)

Here’s another tempting shot!

I know it looks oily, but that’s how you find the joy in it! My colleagues sworn on the bacon. They said it is perfectly made, large strips and just crisp! It is the opposite of the bacons that we have in Manila market. But it was the sausages that got me. The sausage tastes like SPAM-slash-Purefoods hotdogs! I still dream of it.

holidayinn.ruthilicious (13) 

During the first few mornings, we usually call each other and meet up in the cafe, but after a week, we just thought we all have our morning routines and rituals that we just went down, grabbed breakfast and meet each other there. The staff already knew we are a group, and they sometimes reserved a good 6-seater for us, but when the cafe got busier, they just gave whatever is the available table and you had to fall in line together with all the business people staying in Holiday Inn.
What I loove most about the cafe is that the staff gave personalized service. On our first morning, I asked for a glass of water as soon as I got my food, and the following mornings, they already serve us glasses of water after getting our table. Thumbs up!
They know us, each of us – having stayed for 3 weeks. There is even a Filipino server in the cafe, and I love how he shows dedication to his work! Good job!

Coffee is usually served in a thermos pot which they provide in each table. Tea is also available. You can even grab cups to-go and bring fresh brew on your way to work.

holidayinn.ruthilicious (21) 

Here’s how the dining looks like before/after the storm..

holidayinn.ruthilicious (20) 

To be fair, the staff are quick in cleaning the table and bussing out plates. We often talked about how dedicated they are about their job. They always look happy. Every day. And by the way they talk to you, you feel that they are sincere. They simply amaze me.

And this is how it looks during morning peak hours
(this was taken on a Saturday morning)
On a typical day, diners are usually in suit and business attire.

holidayinn.ruthilicious (9)

There are TV sets around the dining area, where we watch news
and check the temperature 😀

holidayinn.ruthilicious (19) 

The dining area has partition, and there are tables with elevated stools.
It looks like a bistro bar to me.

holidayinn.ruthilicious (24)

Room service is also available!

holidayinn.ruthilicious (18)

Our breakfast comes with the room package, but if you will pay for it separately, it costs $19.50 CAD (as far as I remember). Is it cheap? It is quite expensive, as the typical meal will cost you $13.00 CAD.

Okay, I miss having this..
..and I miss the time that I would just grab my bag and there is a car
service waiting for me outside the lobby. I miss the cold weather, that
we had to run to get to the car — of course we had our jackets, scarves
and boots on. And the travel from hotel to the office is just 5
Now this blog post makes me hungry!
Where was your best breakfast experience?

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