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The Best Filipino Desserts at Sentro 1771

December 24, 2012

I have to be honest, I loove desserts, but I find Filipino desserts too heavy. Think of the kakanins made of rice flour. It is like having a main dish once again. The chefs of Sentro 1771 must have heard me, and gave their desserts new twists through innovative and creative fusion with other Filipino food.

In Sentro 1771, you wouldn’t just encounter the usual Filipino desserts like Halo-halo, Halayang Ube, or Leche Flan. The Filipino-themed restaurant is offering more options in a creative way, and gorgeous plating.. These are good desserts to order to cap a meal (see what good food you can order from Sentro 1771 here and read why Balikbayans Love Sentro 1771). 

 Crepe Maja Blanca
Imagine your favorite sinful Maja Blanca wrapped in thin crepes 
topped with caramelized sugar and corn kernels. One serving is good for one big bite!

Another all time favorite –

Fried Suman and Mango
The oldies had suggested that sumans are best with mango,
but it was Sentro 1771 which convinced me with this concept.
The chewy suman is perfect with the soft mango slices. Lovely presentation too.

This one’s a favorite!

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Coffee Pie 
The answer to your chocolate and coffee cravings! This one melts
in your mouth. It doesn’t need much description. Chocolate-cashew crust
with coffee filling – topped with cream cheese and toffee sauce.
Just try it!

Who doesn’t love this? 🙂

Coffee Bean Sans Rival
When they say it is their best seller, I know they were not kidding.
When it is served in front of you, the dilemna would be, how to eat it.
Enjoy each layer of wafer and ice cream. It is not the usual Sans Rival
you see in the market.

I can eat this forever! 🙂

Mango Jubilee
This dessert is a tribute to our favorite fruit – mango!
 The vanilla ice cream is perfect with mango cubes.
Very refreshing.


Sentro’s Cheesecake
This is a new favorite! Don’t expect a slice of baked cake when you order this.
The plate will tell you a story – a serving of Filipino Dessert Leche Flan,
slices of Quezo de Bola and Salted Egg (look at how fine and good the salted eggs are!)
Take a slice of leche flan, cheese and salted egg..


Take a big bite and enjoy the contrast of sweet and salty flavor, and
the soft (leche flan) and rough (egg and cheese) texture of this fusion
in your mouth. I thought of Bibingka while eating this.
Or maybe a Cheesecake. It is a must-try!

And true to the Filipino culture, we always leave a small or last piece of the food in the plate. We always thought someone else might want the last piece.. Truly Pinoy!

Thank you once again Kirk and Vannah for the lunch invite. It is always nice
to attend intimate events, and it is always nice to dine in at Sentro 1771.
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