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My First Sample Room Package

April 4, 2013

You know me, I love discounts, best deals and samples. Who doesn’t? That’s why I am excited when I discovered the

Sample Room is a members-only site which allows members to request for samples of featured items by using points. Upon registration, you earn 100 points, and you can use these points to request for samples of featured products – from skin care, diet products, etc. Depending on the size and price of the product, required points to request for a sample ranges from 20 to 65 (that’s the highest I have seen so far). You basically need to pay for Php100 shipping fee. Well, shipping information and rates are found here.

What is exciting, after you receive the product, you can post a review and once the admin has approved it, you will get your points back which will give you another chance to request for a sample of another product!

So I have registered a few months back, but I couldn’t seem to take the right timing to request for samples. Whenever I check the site, I see that there are always zero available samples. How frustrating!

Until last Monday, I was lucky to check the site and saw Ceteleque Back Acne Spray with 30 plus available samples!

Click Read More to know how I got my first sample!

I have a light skin peelings at the back but they are not acne, but I decided to just hit Get Sample just to try the Sampleroom. 

It is true that you only need to pay for the shipping fee. I paid Php100 through Paypal. There are several payment options including GCASH and bank deposit, but I felt that Paypal is much faster, convenient and safer.

I soon received a notification in my inbox that the order had been processed.

The following day, I received several packages and one of them is from Sampleroom!

I am excited to open it just to check if they delivered the item correctly. Sample Room didn’t just deliver, they even gave me freebie! Thank you!!!

Opening the pack just to check if I got a full-size as promised.. 

So I got a sample of a product worth Php320 for only Php100 shipping fee. I know some members even got Php1,000 worth of samples during the first few months of Sample Room. You should just check every once in a while to see if there are new products and samples.

Like, a few hours ago.. I checked and found new products …

And since I got too excited, I ordered for Céleteque Hydration Hydrolyzed Moisturizing Mist. I wish I have more points to request for a sample of the Sun Care Skin Relief After-Sun Gel too.. unfortunately, I can only get my points back after I write a review and get approved.

Unfortunately for now, there is no way to buy points, but it might be a future enhancement in the website.

So .. I am writing this post to share this great discovery.

What are the benefits of Sampleroom?

*You get to try the product before buying it full-size and leaving it to your dresser to rot
*No surprises – unlike most of the subscription beauty boxes which are popular today – with Sample Room, you know what you are getting
*Flexibility on use of points – different sizes, different prices, different products have different points requirements. Good way to practice your math!

So there you go, if you want to register, just visit; or if you want to show me some love, I can send you a direct invite so I can earn at least a few points 😉

Are you a Sample Room member? 
What are the products that you have tried?
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