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Magnolia Flavour House (Sky Garden) Finally Opens!

June 10, 2013

I missed writing about food and restaurant reviews in my blog. It was amazing finding an old treasure that brings us back to the beauty of our childhood. My friends and I were still laughing like crazy after watching the “Hangover 3” in SM North Edsa last weekend. We were thinking of watching another movie, when we realized we needed to eat.

Something good but not too heavy. We were walking around the Sky Garden, checking every restaurant which mostly offers beer or coffee. The Magnolia Flavor House was like a shining kingdom that caught our attention. It was holding its dry run opening, and so we dined in.

It was good that this ice cream parlor not just offers ice cream but also has a complete menu – from pizza, pasta, burgers and snacks.

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How to get to Magnolia Flavor House in Sky Garden?

Well, if you know Starbucks Coffee, it is just right beside it.


For some reason the store reminds me of my childhood. Old school tables and round chairs made of plastic and metal beams.

Look-up, you will see this..

Portion of the open kitchen

What to Order?

We had..

Nachos Overload (Php185)

We are not disappointed. Lots of toppings and 
generous cheese sauce on the side! Yum!

Pepperoni Pizza (Php300 plus)

This one is a bit bland for me. You need to add 
hot sauce to really enjoy it. 
Plus, I feel like I am tasting an old cheese. It is just me. Really.

Dining in Magnolia Flavor House is not complete without –
Ice Cream! I let my friends order this – and it is good.
Brownies, Chocolate Ice Cream, Whipped Cream. 
I always love Magnolia Ice Cream because it is not too sweet. 
Unlike most of the other ice cream brands. 

Total Bill:

Around Php850. This is just a light snack for 3 pax.


I get it that the store is just doing its dry run, but maybe it would be nice if the staff would be more attentive to the customer’s needs – like refilling water, etc. I know it is not a formal restaurant, but that service is basic in the food industry. A point of improvement.


Couples. Families. Friends. Lots of Kids.

Dress Code:

Come as you are!


Very accessible to the commuting public!

Payment Options:

We paid cash, and I missed if they are now accepting credit cards.


A minimum of Php300 per person to enjoy a good meal (without dessert).


Use the one near the escalator area. No in-house washroom.


If the place gets crowded, there are just a few available seats. Plus, their Tobasco Sauce is diluted! 😀 Although the bottle still keeps the sauce and flavor, we just find it funny and interesting. Well, it is a good way to save money. Might as well adapt at home!

The Verdict:

Some food are well-priced, some are not. But it is good to bring back the old childhood love. Taste the amazing all-time favorite Magnolia Ice Cream Flavors! Worth a visit with friends and kids.

Next time we will order a full meal and update this review 😉

It was funny to actually bump into another food blogger during that night (hello Cath!)

Have you visited a Magnolia Flavor House?

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