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KakaoTalk PH Welcomes Two New Brand Ambassadors

September 21, 2013

When I first received the invite for the KakaoTalk PH launch, I thought the brand/product is some sort of a chocolate bar – only to find out it is a social media platform with big stars endorsing it (you might have already seen its ad on TV!).

It was indeed named after the Cacao Fruit, which is sweet and fruitful. True to the name, KakaoTalk has been sweet to its worldwide users, offering services and creating win-win situation to its stakeholders from business partners, developers and content creators. 

We were asked to keep the events details confidential – but bad weather ruined the plans.

The official launch finally pushed through last week in time for the launch of two new KakaoTalk PH Brand Ambassadors.

Of course, Sarah Geronimo was in the event. We were hoping that Big Bang will be in the event too, but G. Dragon just sent a special message to supporters of KakaoTalk PH.  It was fun that when the video was shown to the fans, girls couldn’t stop screaming! Cute!


 Wondering who the two new Brand Ambassadors of KakaoTalk PH? Click Read More..

 Sarah was later on joined by Louise de los Reyes and Alden Richards. 

Louise and Alden will appear in Kakao’s new TVC Campaign that showcases different scenarios with the pair interacting with KakaoTalk Friends such as Muzi, Con, Frodo, Neo, Apeach and Jay-G. The TVC’s went live yesterday, September 21, 2013.

My mom told me Alden reminds her of my uncle 
(who passed away at the age of 21)
Boyish. My mom sure adores this guy 🙂

I have also downloaded KakaoTalk PH in my mobile, and here are the key features of the mobile social platform:

Free Talk:

KakaoTalk is a free mobile instant messenger that allows users to send 1:1 or group messages and voice calls for free.

Phone Number Based Service:

Registration is based on individual’s mobile phone numbers – it means it also automatically addsKakaoTalk friends using the phone numbers stored in users phonebooks.

Group Chat and multimedia sharing:

It allows creation of unlimited number of friends, and supports text, photos, videos, voice notes, contact information and schedules. It also shows number badges, which displays number of friend in the chat room and those who haven’t read the message yet.

Free 1:1 and group voice calls:

You can talk to friends as many as 5 speakers. KakaoTalk PH is the world’s first to provide free group calls in HD quality.

Animated/sound/still emoticons and themes:

KakaoTalk is the first mobile instant messaging service to offer animated emoticons and stickers, which users can include in the chat bubbles.


Kakao securely encrypts all messages to ensure user privacy and all messages are deleted from the servers after a minimal length of time.

This new social mobile app is really impressive and sounds fun to use. I should convince my friends to download the app, so our Team Icebergs can chat and make group calls. I love the security setting too, and emoticons are looove!

Btw, KakaoTalk also features Sarah Geronimo’s face as emoticon! How cool is that. She said it was awesome to actually use these emoticons when talking/chatting with friends. I want my own emoticons too! Haha.

Back to the launch, after the press con, we went down to Rizal Ballroom of Makati Shangri-la, to celebrate (and party) with friends, supporters of KakaoTalk PH and lucky friends/fans of Sarah Geronimo. The last time I was in Rizal Ballroom, it was transformed into a beach resort.. now it was a party place!

This ensembles was raffled off to lucky guests. Too bad, 
I didn’t win anything.. 🙁

Sarah treated the guests w/ awesome performance.. (which made me danced!).
Party mood! Haha

The following day, I saw in the news that Sarah’s underarm
trended on twitter. That was cute! Well, she sure has nice underarms! 😉

Here’s Louise and Alden joining Sarah G. 

KakaoTalk raffled off awesome prizes like stuffed toys, 
flipbooks, and even new phones!

Lovely stuffed toys! 
I want one!!

I got this feeling that it was not my night that evening, but I sure had fun! Look at this fun flipbook story with Earth, Paul the PR Guy, Rodel Flordeliz and Cholo of 🙂

Yeah, photobooth gets pretty boring now, so we love this flipbook! 
It was a fun night. Thank you KakaoTalk Ph and Fleishman Hillard for the amazing night!
KakaoTalk Ph is available in IOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and PC which can be downloaded from iOS and Google Play. 
Check out more of events pictures in my Ruthilicious Fanpage. 
(I love my new camera which has amazing zoom feature ;))
Have you tried KakaoTalk? 

What do you love about the app?
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