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Starting Small with Catiempo Organic Farm

November 11, 2013

It was a rough road and a long drive. I wouldn’t be able to visit this place on my own. I was so glad that I was part of the Organic Agriculture Bloggers who were invited by the  Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute to visit the organic farms in Bacolod, Negros Occidental.

It is the last farm for us to visit on that 4 days, 3 nights trip – we went to Penalosa Farm, Fresh Start Organic Farm, and Rapha Valley Farm. The farm tours were amazing. What is even lovelier is the fact that we had a home at May’s Organic Garden. 

So we arrived at R. Catiempo Farm in Bago City, Negros Occidental. Mr. Renato Catiempo greeted us with a smile, as we were relatives coming for a visit. He confessed that he was not expecting our arrival, but just the same, he was warm and accommodating – like everyone else in Bacolod.

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On the way up to his farm, we saw herbs and plants planted in the sidewalk. I have encountered most of them, but I love how they are grown and labeled, I have to take some pictures..

I love the Taragon Tea!

Once we reached the top of the hill and where his house is nestled, I saw a nice rice field. This is how I imagined the farm to be.. The one that we used to draw when we were younger. It is amazing to see it uplose – all green, and to meet someone who works hard in maintaining it.
The Catiempo Organic Farm has just switched back to the old farming style – organic farming because Sir Renato thinks it is safe and more environmentally friendly. It amazes me to meet people, who thinks of the welfare of the environment and people rather than to make easier profit. 
I know it is hard work, it is not easy to maintain a farm, and maintain a healthy, organic farm. He showed us around, and even if the farm is not as beautiful and established as the rest of the other farms that we have visited, I know the Catiempo Organic Farm has a lot of potential. 

 All natural and organic fertilizers
Sir Renato started small, and with the help of his brother and father, he was able to support and maintain the farm, and influence the neighboring farmers. I am not surprised that he won the Regional Gawad Saka Award in 2013 as Outstanding Organic Farmer.
Currently, the crops and products that they get to harvest are supplied to third party organic businesses for delivery to the market. 

Starting small, and doing small things will 
make big difference.
We should also start segregating at home!
The Catiempo family was nice enough to prepare some local snacks for us – the Baye-Baye and Casava Suman!
Baye-baye is like an espasol! It is amazingly good. The two food snacks are all new to me! I wish I could just easily buy these in Manila. It was even served with Talbos ng Kamote Juice (with Calamansi) which is really healthy and refreshing! The good (and simple) life!
 Here we are enjoying the food!
Ruth Floresca (Debbie), I (Stella), Rod (Don Rodrigo), JR (Margaux!)
Never mind the names, it is just our little fun story 😉
It was an amazing visit! Before we finally left, Sir Renato shared that we are always welcome to visit his farm again, and he makes sure that it would be more organized.
I actually love his farm and how true it is to his passion. I wish the government can really help these farmers by supporting them and promoting their products. 
These are the things that one may not be able to see and experience, especially those who are living in the Metro. We live our lives, we order and eat what we want, and consume the products that we think are valuable for us. The tour somehow changed my perspective as a consumer. It would not happen overnight, but little things like choosing local products over imported ones, and going organic can help a lot. 
Well, I am proud to say that our family started with eating brown rice since the day I landed back to Manila. We also drink natural juices, instead of those ready made available in the market. It won’t be easy, but when I think of the farmers like Sir Renato and how much work they put to elevate not just their lives but other people’s, it would be easier to make a choice. 
Here’s my picture at the green field of Catiempo Organic Farm
I wish to visit more farms in Bacolod, and the rest of the country. The simple life, it is where we learn greatest lessons 😉 
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***Thank you once again to Sir Renato Catiempo, and his family, Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute, Ms. Niet,
and Ruth Floresca, for the amazing 4-day organic agriculture tour. 

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