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November 18, 2013

Walter Bread Healthy and Tasty Bread Variants

"Tasty".. time and time again, I heard people use the term to refer to loaf of bread. Is this just cultural? ;)

Although they say that Filipinos eat rice three times a day, I also grow up and wake up each morning with a bread on the dining table for breakfast. I love eating bread. It has been a companion since I was in grade school (when bringing packed rice meal was too much a trouble for a kid!). Breads and sandwiches are always present when going on trips and long drives. It is even the preferred relief good for our brothers who are victims of typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan, as bread can easily be eaten without too much preparation.

I know we all play favorites when it comes to bread brands. Now I think I have a new favorite brand.. it took me how many years before I discovered  Walter Bread. It is like true love, and relationships.. you meet different people and then, bam! here comes true love..

A little history, Creative Bakers Inc., maker of the Walter Bread brands, know for sure that breadmaking is an art (I should know! I used to bake goods and prepare breads). The brand is not just committed to providing good tasting bread but also healthy products, especially now that more and more Filipinos have adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Walter Bread is committed to pursuing its vision of offering a vast line of bread products as a healthy, alternative food for diabetes-free Filipinos. The company has initiated years of research and development to come up with bread products that not only taste good but also pass the high-rigidity test based on nutritional standards. This is the bread choice for diabetic people.

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This variant is I think the most brilliant! This bread is for those with hypertension and other coronary-related ailments. It has two all-natural fibers: insoluble fiber from wheat which plays a role in gastrointestinal and colon health, while soluble fiber contributes to heart health. and soluble fiber from apples which is a source of sweetness in the bread and also helps keep it moist.

Wheat bread used to be bland and rough, but Walter Bread come up with a less dry, less rough texture of bread using less salt.  Less salt also means less chance of adding more pounds to body weight and it is more heart and kidney-friendly.


If you are the type which wants to maintain slim and fit body, go for the Walter Bread Weight Control Bread.

The Weight Control Bread with High Fiber is rich in oat and vegetable fibers that keep you feeling full longer, which is why it is perfect for those on a strict diet and exercise program. It is 98-percent fat-free and has 50-percent less sodium. Supporters of this bread have also said it is tastier than other high-fiber breads that taste bland.


This one is I think my favorite! You can eat it on its own, and it is not too sweet unlike most of the raisin breads available in the market.

It is only made of the finest grapes that make it extra tasty. And because its whole wheat, it actually lowers the level of bad cholesterol levels.


The Sugar-Free Wheat Bread is the solution to diabetic people who wants to enjoy bread. It usses isomalt, a natural sugar replacer from beet so it tastes great minus the sugar. It is also high in fiber and low in glycaemic carbohydrate that also lets you loose weight. 


Pandesals are truly pinoy and Walter Bread has this special pandesal that is zero sugar, no cholesterol and packed with vitamins and minerals. I enjoyed eating it as it is.. or go traditional Filipino, dunk in a hot coffee ;)

I love it with cheese and butter - that simple. Or salted egg and butter, throw in the toaster, heat and enjoy! It is like having a bibingka!

In three days, the bread and pans were all done. My parents were itching to taste them, and I have somehow converted them into a healthy eating (not yet healthy living.. :D), that the sight of "sugar-free", "healthy" and "fiber" excites them!

We ate the bread with the usual cold cuts, and spreads, but surprisingly, since Walter Bread is all so soft (not rough and crumby unlike most of the bread), we ate most of them without any filling or spread. The bread is that good!

I really cannot choose what variant I love the most, I just love the brand! and will sure pick it in the grocery. I think I will get more of the Raisin Bread ;)

Hey, for kids out there, and young at heart, you may want to check  https://walterbread.com/ and visit the Walter the Talking Sandwich! You can use him as a messenger for your messages (it is like the Talking Tom!)

Check out his message!

Have you tried the Walter Bread products? What is your favorite variant?

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