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Sunsilk Hairkada Adventure with Sarah G, Julia Montes and Jasmine Curtis

March 9, 2014

Sunsilk treated us to a fun Pink Fair last Thursday in Greenfield District Park! It was my first time in the venue (which is located near the Shangri-la Mall, at the back of Greenfield District Mall). The venue was sooo pink! Spell F-U-N!

There was a trampoline, artsy booths and make-over stations to allow us to enjoy ourselves while keeping our hair fragrant and smooth while we enjoy the activities.

The event was really timely, as I needed to relax that week – I have overlooked that I have RSVP’d to so many events, that I didn’t have a time off this week. 
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We got to design our Dupe slippers
Yes, we need slippers for fun adventure like this!

I love this booth!
So many colorful pins, and headbands, and we got to design
our head pieces too! 

 There was a hair make-over booth

The event was hosted by Sam O, with Laureen Uy here
checking out the booths – both looking pretty that night!

The food was from Pancake House!
Love the Chocolate Pancakes and Tacos!! Yum!
Instead of photo booth, guests got printed copies of their pics 
just by using the hashtag
Sunsilk products galore!

In every adventure we take with our girl friends – be it, going on a trip, shopping or looking for a new job (hey, that is an adventure for some!), we need to have beautiful hair that is management, smooth and fragrant. So we need to have Sunsilk to take care of our hair.
A Sunsilk event is not complete without its endorser, Sarah Geronimo. Oh, and yes, she’s sporting a new hair! But like what she said that night, Sunsilk still takes care of her hair no matter what style and length she is wearing.
As Sunsilk promotes barkada bonding, Sarah was joined by his girl friends, Julia Montes and Jasmine Curtis. I love how youthful these three look!

Despite their busy schedule, the three made it to the event. Imagine how they always get mobbed by friends and fans, and they need to be looking great and smelling good – all the time #ArtistaProblem – which I think I should also worry about, since I tend to be out most of the time, covering events. 
“Sunsilk’s Smooth and Manageable contains 5 natural oils that deeply nourish each strand leaving your hair smooth and fragrant from day to night. So now, hairkadas like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia can stay out under the sun, go to crowded places, even venture out to new locales without worrying about how their hair will look or smell every minute,” says Sunsilk Brand Manager Ann Esteves. 
The good thing about these ladies, they still know how to have fun and indulge. Sarah shared that she loves to dine out and watch movies with friends, or do movie marathon at home. She also travel and hike up a mountain when schedule permits. 
Jasmine, on the other hand, tries to catch concerts in town, and takes care of herself through Pilates. While Julia is a foodie, who loves to scout a food bazaar or try new restaurants. 
Before the event ended, we got to share our biggest HairKada Adventure by writing it down in a paper tied in a balloon. 

Here’s mine 😉 Dreaming big 😉

Then, we gathered around in the field.. 

and we released the balloons and wished for it to happen soon

The pink balloons reflect light from the buildings, it looked as if it is blinking.
Such a beautiful sight.

Pretty in Pink and Headband :)
with Ria, Krystel and Ate Ruth Floresca
You see, Sunsilk aims to inspire barkadas all over the country to take on every adventure that comes their way with great hair as their ally – just like Sarah, Jasmine and Julia. We can all go crazy without worrying about our hair and how we look in the photos 😉
Are you girls ready to pursue your passion and go on an adventure? Share your Dream Barkada Adventure and use hashtag #SunsilkHairkada. 
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