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Fire and Ice: Tokyo Tokyo Cheesy Tonkatsu Bento and Snow Ice

March 6, 2014

It was all white and red when I went inside the Tokyo, Tokyo store in Net Lima Building, the Fort last Tuesday. Red and white lanterns were hanging in the store, and guests came in their most creative interpretation of fire and ice – the only common thing that afternoon was the festive mood. Something fire-y and ice-y were launched that afternoon and the atmosphere so much radiates the Fire and Ice Matsuri (Japanese word for festival) theme.

We probably all grew up eating bento meals, and indulging in unlimited rice from Tokyo, Tokyo when Japanese restaurants seemed too intimidating years ago. Tokyo, Tokyo provided a different Japanese style of eating through quick-service approach (the fast food approach) while serving innovative Japanese dishes that became hit to Filipino diners. Its first store was in Quad (does anyone remember?) – Glorietta which was established 29 years ago. 
Tokyo, Tokyo continuously provides new product offerings to serve in 50 different stores in the Philippines. From affordable bento boxes, to ramen and shogun burger, Tokyo Tokyo has something for the Filipinos.  

Here’s to represent Fire is the Cheesy Tonkatsu Bento.

Cheesy Tonkatsu Bento is at Php195

Brown, fried Tonkatsu with tender pork strips and creamy cheese that literally overflows when you take a bite. It is so good on its own you wouldn’t need the sauce that comes with it. Extra rice? Yes. Additional cup please.

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We feel that this would so much appeal to the kids (I, included!). This is the first time I enjoyed having cheese with rice. 🙂
To balance off the flavor, there’s a salad on the side – shaved cabbage with special roasted sesame dressing. It is so good – I can only wish they serve it on ala-carte. Reminds me of the Gado Gado dish. 
There is, of course, the famous, signature Red Iced Tea to go with the meal. I just had a diet suicide. 
To complete the dining experience, here’s for the Ice – Snow Ice!

Php 79 for this big bowl!

Tokyo, Tokyo is preparing us for the big heat with 3 flavors of Snow Ice dessert. We were first served with Snow Ice Halo Halo
A big bowl of shaved, fine ice (that it almost feels and taste like ice cream!), with nata de coco, leche flan, ube, and cornflakes. Very simple ingredients but tastes just great. It is creamy, and fine – with no sharp shaved ice – just pure sweetness and refreshment. 
You have to mix it well to really enjoy the flavor!
My tablemates – Peach Kitchen, Nomnom Club, When in Manila, Dude for Food and Silkenhut were just talking how good the ice is, that it feels like it doesn’t melt. I seriously found it a challenge to finish my bowl, when we were suddenly served with…
Snow Ice Peach Medley
It is the same shaved ice with fruit toppings of sliced peaches and mango. Don’t forget the cherry! 
Then, of course, there is Snow Ice Choco Sensation

Think of chunky brownies, marshmallows and hot fudge! I thought of the Ice Monster! and I am so glad that Tokyo, Tokyo is serving something more like it!
If there is anything special about the Snow Ice, it is the ice! It tastes like vanilla ice cream that you can eat it on your own. The different flavors and toppings will give diners option if they want to go all chocolately, tropical or traditional (Halo Halo). 
All flavors will be available in Tokyo, Tokyo stores by April 2014. 
The festive launch didn’t just end with a food trip, the Fire team competed with the Ice team in the Charades game. The words we needed to guess mostly have Fire and Ice on it. I so much enjoyed the game (I loooove games!) and it was much more fun because our team won (and I sooo much love winning!!) Yey!
Paul is so great at acting out the words 😉
He also won the best dressed for Fire, and Ava won for Ice. 
The greater treat for most of the guests that afternoon is Daniel Matsunaga (endorser of Tokyo, Tokyo). He even brought some of his friends and a cheesy pick up line – but I was not charmed. 😉 I have to say though, he embodies the tall, dark and handsome description of an ideal man. I love his color – so manly. He seems fun too. But I still love my Cheesy Tonkatsu Bento. 

Everyone seemed to enjoy the new Fire and Ice treats from Tokyo, Tokyo. And in here, with my new foodie friends – (of course) When in Manila, NomnomClub, Silkenhut, Dude for Food and The Peach Kitchen!
Thank you Tokyo, Tokyo for the new offerings, and thanks too ARC PR for always coming up with fun and engaging events. 
Do you have cheesy lines you want to share? Take a photo of the Cheesy Tonkatsu Bento and tag @tokyotokyophilippines on Instagram to get a chance to win an Ipad AIR!

What do you think of the Cheesy Tonkatsu Bento?
What flavor are you craving for the Snow Ice?

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