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My Browhaus Experience: Bye, Bad BROWmance!

May 26, 2014

I have such beautiful eyebrows now! Wohoo! Thank you to Browhaus! Before you scroll down and look at my pictures, please hear my eyebrow (his)story.

The first time my eyebrows were touched was during my College graduation rite. When I had to wear make-up and the make-up specialist who did my face thought it was necessary to groom my eyebrows. I had such thin eyebrows with wild hair, which became thinner after the shaping. When I started working, I tried the threading services to maintain the eyebrows shape. It was always a painful encounter everytime I would sit in the salon. I was literally raising an eyebrow and shredding a tear each time. 

I made a stand and thought I would keep the shape just by plucking. So, for many years, I personally kept the eyebrow shape by plucking. Just a few months ago, my friend who were doing a few modelling stints, commented on how thin my eyebrows were that mine looked like that of the model’s from the perfume ad with whimsical theme. I made a big decision about my eyebrows yet again, and I started to not pluck them to let the hair grow – and they did. But it was far more difficult to maintain the shape – it was like letting your hair grow from a pixie cut hairstyle.  While I was undergoing that eyebrow dilemma, eyebrow threading was never an option for me. I thought I had a trauma, and I never want to experience the same pain of eyebrow threading. Besides, I thought having a good eyebrow shape is not that important as having a good skin.

Everything has changed today. I was reborn. An invite from Browhaus (a trusted eyebrow salon from the same people who brought us the Strip Manila) was so compelling and I had to go.

The invite was for the launch of the Brow Resurrection. But we got a little treat from the Browhaus team, and the guests got their eyebrows groomed!

Click Read More to see my new eyebrows! 😉

I love the interior of the Browhaus, Lucky China Mall. Grass-like carpet, plastic chairs, BBQ grills and individual tents that serve as procedure area. The theme for the salon is Camping. I was able to talk to the Area Manager for Browhaus and she said that each salon has a different design and must be approved by the Browhaus team in Singapore.

I sat on a comfortable hydraulic chair which was designed based on a first-class seat of an airplane. The brow architect who attended to me is really nice, even educating me about eyebrows and maintenance.


My Eyebrow Assessment: It is thin, but has a good length which extends to the outer part of my eye which (she said) is really sexy. Most Filipinas have short eyebrows (you guess, Browhaus has a new service for that!). My eyebrow had such high peak which made me look mataray.

I sat comfortably while she started with the procedure. I was surprised at how light her hands were, and how tolerable the pain was while threading. It was not even painful, it just felt like someone was pinching my eyelids (a very sensitive part). She said that Browhaus uses cotton thread, unlike other salons which use the regular thread.

There goes my view..
After the right brow (your left) was threaded 

The procedure lasted for only 20 minutes. She basically did threading, and a little plucking. It is recommended not to wash the face for 5 hours after the procedure to prevent irritation. The eyebrow architect even put on an eyebrow powder to blend the color with my hair. There is also a service called Color Tweak (Php950), in case you dyed your hair and you want your brows to blend with the hair. Cool yeah?


After the brow grooming!

I am so happy! I should have previously tried and trusted Browhaus! To be honest, I am not used to having this thick eyebrows but I love how clean and even they look! I will sure be back at Browhaus and I might get the Savings Plan (a good package of 15 sessions that would save me around Php200 per session).

What I love about Browhaus?

  • Clean and hygienic place
  • Professional and well trained brow architects 
  • Browhaus won’t just do the job to get it done
  • Comfortable seats (inspired by airplane’s first class seat!)
  • Cotton thread is used which is less painful

Browhaus Other Services

Browhaus also do threading for other parts of the body, eyelash extension (if you want to look like Barbie Doll, or a Diva!), and the new Brow Resurrection which is a semi-permanent brow treatment. I will write about it on the next blog post 🙂

The Brow Construction – Classic Threading and Modern Tweezing costs Php 580 each. A bit pricey, yes. But it is good to have your eyebrows groomed only by the experts. I thought having a good eyebrows is not that important, but now I see it like an awning (what a way to describe eyebrows!) – should be clean and groomed. With my new eyebrows, I am more excited to experiment with eye make-up. Tehehe. 🙂

Thank you Browhaus, and HaRem Team! Bye, bye BadBrowMance!

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