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Heaven and Eggs: (Still) The Best Breakfast Place in Manila

June 5, 2014

When I think of a breakfast place in Manila, I only have one cafe in my mind, Heaven and Eggs. It has been years the last time I had a meal in the clean, pristine store in Eastwood. I remember the walls were painted in blue with fine, white cloud design. We lost the heaven and a grill place was born (I think it was Guitara Grill), Now, the space is occupied by a new bar.

Years went by, and new stores came (including international franchises)  but Heaven and Eggs made a good first impression and recall as a breakfast place. Last night, blogger friends, #NognogintheCity, #Earthlingorgeous and #Kumagcow (together with a new friend, #Rej), found ourselves inside the Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta. The only operational store has an interesting pop culture interior with colorful design and framed graphic Beatles posters. There is one thing that never changed about Heaven and Eggs, it is the big breakfast offerings.

Two Eggs Any Style (Php 325) for me! 

Your choice of egg, two slices of sausage, bacon strips, fries and bread. I love the bacon strips! Close to the ones I had in Holiday Inn, Markham. Rare bacon strips which have retained the size and crispiness (aaah… the faaat!!). We know how bacon usually shrinks when fried, and we usually see them from breakfast meal sets (mostly disappointing), but Heaven and Eggs has some nice strips..

#NognogintheCity’s Egg’s Benedict (Php315)

I love Eggs Benedict, and I am in search for the best Eggs Benedict in town. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf still holds the record in my list 🙂 Heaven and Egg’s Eggs Ben has a good twist for this old time favorite. Serving it with asparagus. The bread is English Muffin and uses Canadian ham. I might, however, ask for more Hollandaise Sauce (which appeared to have been absorbed by the bread and egg). I love the generous serving of shoestring potatoes that goes with it! Yes, picnic! 🙂 

Click Read More to see other breakfast offerings they have at Heaven and Eggs..

#Earthlingorgeous and #Rej had Steak and Eggs (Php 998)
For lovers of steaks, here’s for you. 8 oz USDA rib-eye steak served with hash brown and buttered corn kernels. You can even request to have mashed potatoes. I am not a fan of steaks, so I don’t have much to share about this chunk. Generous serving, yes. Good, tasty meat, yes. 

If you think that Heaven and Eggs is all Continental Breakfast, here’s for the typical Pinoy who usually have rice in the morning! Pinoy Big Breakfast serves you with tapa, tocino, longganisa, rice and eggs! The tapa is really good and well-marinated. #Kumagcow sure loved the meal! 

Heaven and Eggs also offers pasta, entrees and salads. We tried the classic Caesar Salad and the dressing is equally good. Not a lot of restaurants can serve good Caesar Salad. Heaven and Eggs‘ is simple with generous chicken chunks. I miss the boiled eggs though. 

What is a meal without dessert? Interestingly, we had pancakes and waffles! Per the recommendation, we had the Apple Cinnamon Pancake (Php 185) and Tottie Fruity Waffles (Php 235). 

I love the variety and colors of the fruits in this plate!
Strawberry, Kiwi, Blueberry and Mangoes
There’s refreshing fruit juices and shakes to go with your meal! We skipped the real desserts because we were already full. The cheesecakes look yummy but at least it gives me a reason to come back. 

Some things might have changed from Heaven and Eggs but after having a big breakfast dinner, Heaven and Eggs still remains the best breakfast place in Manila in terms of food choices in the menu, price and servings. 
I heard that the store is launching new food offerings, so you guys have to watch out for it. Visit the store in Glorietta 4. It is right beside the Glorietta 4 entrance (you cannot miss it!). 
This guy is waiting for you! Peace! 😉

What’s your favorite from Heaven and Eggs?

P.S. I had a great time with #NognogintheCity #Earthlingorgeous #Kumagcow and #Rej. We sure had interesting conversations about food, writing, media and eggs. 🙂 Thank you Rodel for the invite! I would expect a gazillion rose petals on my walkway on the next breakfast date! 🙂 

Heaven and Eggs
Ground Floor, Glorietta 4, East Drive 
Ayala Center, Makati Center

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