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June 4, 2014

Blue Water Day Spa: Lifestyle Redefined with New Ambassadors and Massages

It was a silver, white and blue affair as Blue Water Day Spa, the pioneer in relaxation, wellness and beauty launched new brand ambassadors and spa services.

People used to think that Lifestyle and Spa are luxuries and synonymous with wealth and societal status. Lifestyle is simply how our life goes on a daily basis, it also involves our way of thinking, habits and connection with our family. In this sense, Blue Water Day Spa continuously provides and innovates wide range of  pampering services such as massages, scrubs, waxing, and facial treatments to make the most of one's lifestyle. Lifestyle Redefined, says their newest campaign.

Event was co-hosted by Fabio Ide. He's so adorable!

It was only last year, after I got a go-signal from my doctor that I started indulging in spa services. I have scoliosis and after my last check-up, my doctor confirmed that I can do the things that normal people can do, including spa and massages! Yay!

Stresses in life (and I mean), simple stresses like traffic, dead batteries, and delayed flights/transport vehicle can consume us. A relaxing trip to a spa can help us relax and rejuvenate. Do you remember the last time that you went to a spa and that refreshing moment when you step out of the door to face the world?

Capoiera was performed and demonstrated during the event. 
I have learned a few moves of Capoiera from a friend in Brazil.

Click Read More to know the new Blue Water Day Spa Ambassadors and new massage services..

Blue Water Day Spa brought pampering and relaxation in Marco Polo Hotel in Ortigas, by setting up massage stations.

LA Aguinaldo trying out the massage. I remember him as the Candy Cutie! ;)

Blue Water Day Spa work with personalities such as Iya Villania, and new ambassadors Aljur Abrenica, Ian Batherson,Mikaela Lagdameo- Martinez, Fabio Ide, Kim Suiza and the Semerad Twins, Anthony, David, Wyn Marquez, Ervic Vijandre, LA Aguinaldo, Pia Wurtzbach, Mariel De Leon and Jovic Susim. Each of them represent a different lifestyle, that one might relate to. 

The new brand ambassadors made a grand entrance by 
dancing their way to the stage, and it looked so fun, I wanted to join! ;)

They all promote healthy lifestyle and rewarding one's self after a day's work. Aljur specifically shared that he loves Blue Water Day Spa because it allows him to bond with his family and friends through Spa Theater, a first and only in the Philippines from BlueWater Day Spa.

During the event, two new services were also introduced. Emans Massage, is a one hour slow and gentle massage that uses joint mobilization principle to achieve a therapeutic effect and release trapped energies on all joint of the bodies. The Brazilian Hand and Foot Massage promotes relaxation, activates the release of toxins, help reduce emotional stresss and imbalances. It also help reduce overall physical pain, reduces side effects of chemotherapy and radiation such as restless leg syndrome, insomnia nausea an edema.

Marketing Head of Blue Water Day Spa thanking the guests after the event. 
She looks so pretty and composed ;)

I cannot wait to try Blue Water Day Spa's new services! They also have non-invasive procedures, and waxing and hair removal services. 

What's your favorite pampering treat?

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